My First Hostel Stay : In a Space Pod Singapore

blue lighting in the at Space Pod in Singapore

My First Hostel Stay : In a Space Pod Singapore

After travelling through Malaysia for a couple of weeks my trip was due to end in Singapore and I was actually surprised at how expensive the hotels in this city were.

Whilst researching somewhere to stay in Singapore for 4 nights I came across pod hostels and thought they looked really cool and something I wanted to try.

I don’t normally stay in hostels but money is getting low and also, they are a great way to meet other travellers. This was my first time in a shared hostel and a really nice experience I enjoyed it and it has given me a taste for hostels which I am hoping to use to save money on my travels. I think if I combine them with hotel stays it will save me quite a bit of money when travelling.

I stayed at the Met A Space Pod in Boats Quay they also had one in Chinatown. The Space Pods looked like something out of a spaceship and I was really excited to stay in them. I only booked 2 nights as I then wanted my last 2 nights in Singapore in a nice hotel to end my Asia trip.

I had been on a group tour from Bangkok to Singapore and had spent 1 night already in Singapore with my group. After the tour I decided to get a grab taxi to the hostel rather than trying to get on public transport with my luggage.

The taxi could not get outside the hostel as it is situated on a pedestrian only street but it did get as close as possible and it was easy for me to get to with my luggage. Also, when I left the hostel, I walked to another street to pick up a grab taxi and it found me easily.

The hostel has its check in desk outside which is something I have never come across before. It is situated in between two bars and there was a sign so I found it easily. After showing my passport I was checked in and taken to the first floor.

check in desk at Space Pod in Singapore
Check in Desk

I didn’t research this bit as the hostel is on the first floor and is only accessible by stairs and since I have mobility limitations this was difficult for me to get my case up and down as no help was offered but I managed it and this is not something that would put me off recommending these pods.

I was giving a key card that had the code for my safe and wi-fi, I was also given a piece of paper with the code for the main door. There is a charge if you loose these key cards. Breakfast was including in the bar down stairs but I didnt have any so can not comment.

Keycard at Space Pod in Singapore

There are a number of pods although there wasn’t as many as I expected, there is a bottom level and a top level. As I have mobility limitations I would recommend asking for a bottom pod, I didn’t but luckily, I did get one as I think I would have had difficulty getting into the top pods which are accessed by a mini ladder.

Pods at Space Pod in Singapore

I loved staying in the pods it was a really nice experience. You can also choose from a front or side facing pod and some of them claim to have views over the river.

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There are surprisingly not claustrophobic, I found them really comfortable and had a good night sleep even though I was sick with a cold.

side entrance pod at Space Pod in Singapore
Side entrance Pod

Unfortunately I had picked up a cold and was not well and I spent a whole day just sleeping in the pod, I was dreading it as I thought it would be uncomfortable to spend so much time in but it really wasn’t it was like me own little space ship.

blue lighting in the at Space Pod in Singapore
I loved the blue lighting

They feel private there is a blind that you can pull down and I felt safe sleeping in them. They are obviously only tiny so not easy to get dressed in but there is a shower and changing area that you can use.

Inide my pod at Space Pod in Singapore
Inside my pod

Free ear plugs were provided but I personally did not require them. There was a lot of noise from outside as it is near bars and this went on until the early hours of the morning but I had my own ear phones and the noise didn’t bother me. There was not much noise from other people staying in the pods, obviously I could hear them moving around but apart from that everyone was quiet.

When I first arrived, it was a little smelly from sweaty feet. You have to remove your shoes before you enter the hostels main room and they are stored in a shoe box which I guess is mainly to protect the sheets in the pods.

The pods had 2 usb ports and a plug socket, a tv, air conditioning which wasn’t amazing but I was not too hot. There were different lights for different moods. A mirror light which was quite bright and blue lights which really gave the pods its spaceship feel.

air conditioning in the at Space Pod in Singapore
The pods were air conditioned

I had 2 pillows, a duvet and a towel all of which were good quality and clean.

There is a safe in the pod and you are provided with a locker but they are not that big it just managed to fit in my day backpack and some other valuables. There was limited space for larger cases but these were not locked away.

tv inside at Space Pod in Singapore
TV Inside

It is not really the type of hostel you can sit around and socialise mainly due to the space as there wasn’t much. I spoke to other guests when we were getting things from our bags but it was just polite chatter. There was not anywhere to prepare food and food was not allowed in the pods.

There were a couple of showers and toilets again the spaces were small but it was clean and adequate for a couple of days.

The thing that is great about these pods is the location. It is situated on a pedestrian street full of restaurants and bars and over looking the river which had a great atmosphere. This was my favourite area in Singapore and it is a perfect place to have a few beers and meet people.

view outside at Space Pod in Singapore
View Outside

This was my first time in a shared hostel, I have stayed in hostels before and had a private room but I want to explore more hostels to save money and this was a great place to get used to hostels I hope to stay in more in the future. I would definitely recommend staying here if you want something a little unusual and want to save money as the hostels in Singapore are expensive.

There are some hostels that are cheaper but I loved this experience and loved the privacy of these pods. Although I think 2 nights were enough for me on this occasion as I do like comforts and the privacy of my own shower but I was happy with the price and will try something like this again.

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