What does the Spa on Queen Mary 2 look like

whirlpool on queen mary 2

What does the Spa on Queen Mary 2 look like

A look around the Spa on Queen Mary 2 cruise liner. A luxury spa at sea, whirlpool, saunas, massages and a beauty salon.

Did I get a treatment at the Spa on the Queen Mary 2?

Unfortunately no but I did have the chance to have a wander around the spa on-board the Queen Mary 2 and speak to some of the staff. I would have loved to try out some of the treatments but there is no way I could afford anything.

Well, I could but it is nearly the price of another holiday which I would rather go on. So I am sorry but you will just have to look at my pictures of the Canyon Ranch Spa as I dont have any personal experience of treatments.

Have you been to a good sea spa whilst on a cruise?. I have tried a couple of treatments on the P&O lines and love having spa treatments when on holiday.

canyon ranch spa
Spa reception

Prices at the Queen Mary 2 Spa

The Queen Mary 2 spa list price is in US dollar and as it is currently a terrible exchange rate everything just seems so expensive. The cheapest treatment was $70 for a 25-minute simple cleanse to $328 for the ultimate ageless oxygen boost facial.

Cunard Spa prices are going to be high as they are aiming for the luxury end of spa treatments and people were still paying the prices so if they use it then Cunard will charge as much as they like. I am too much of a penny pincher though.

Prices do include the use of the aqua therapy centre so if you factor in the use of this and make a day of it then it matches the price of an on the land luxury spa.

Facilities at the Queen Mary 2 Spa

The aqua therapy centre has a whirlpool, therapy pool with jet massage, I would have used the pool but that would be it for me as I can’t use saunas and steam rooms.

whirlpool on queen mary 2

They also have a Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, aromatic steam room and ice fountain, sensory showers you could spend a whole day here have an indulgent experience. If you don’t want a treatment you can purchase a Canyon Ranch Spa Club passport for $40 1 day, $75 3 days $105 6 days.

sauna on queen mary 2

The Canyon Ranch Spa does look lovely and when you have a treatment, you can use the relaxation area which again I would have loved to sit in as it had clear panoramic ocean views, fruit, juice, and some chillaxing music.

I could have sat a few hours in there with my book watching the waves. Unfortunately, you can only sit here if using or rather pay for the facilities which I was gutted about.

relaxation room on queen mary 2
Relaxation area

The therapy rooms look great and I am a little disappointed that it is out of my price range, they are set up for some of the specialist treatments. The double bed is for the Thai and shiatsu the room for seaweed wraps.

treatment room in the canyon ranch spa
Treatment Room

The Canyon Ranch Spa does look lovely There are quite a lot of treatments available including body treatments such as wraps and scrubs. rejuvenation plans with facials and anti-aging treatments, health and wellbeing with personal exercise plans to treatments from the East with reflexology, reiki, shiatsu and Thai.

Salon on the Queen Mary 2

In the salon, you can get a haircut or style, makeup, manicure or pedicure bit even these at the cheapest being a 45 minute. Essential manicure for $48 just too expensive for me.

beauty salon on queen mary 2
Beauty salon reception

The Spa manager explained that the Salon would be getting a refurb in 2018. I wonder if this has happened I think I might have to go back on the Queen Mary 2 ship and have a look.

hair salon on queen mary 2
Hair Salon

Service at the Queen Mary 2 Spa

The service is friendly everyone saying hello and I am sure the treatments are amazing but I will not be able to write about them until I won the lottery and come back on board. Even the daily specials were not within my price range.

beauty salon on queen mary 2
Beauty salon waiting area

I only met one other passenger who visited the spa and that was because it was her special birthday and her husband treated her. Everyone else like me was saying how expensive it was if they just reduced their prices the spa would be full. I walked through the spa a few times and never saw anyone using it.

I didn’t get to try this spa out however you can read about the one I tried on the Oriana ship and hopefully I will get to try many more.

Even though the Spa was very expensive I did really enjoy being on this ship and would go on it again in a heartbeat. You can find the best prices for cruises on the Cunard Queen Mary 2 below

Have you had a spa treatment on the Queen Mary 2 or any other cruise ship, get in contact below and tell me about it

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  1. I love spas but have never been on a cruise. It looks nice and I’ve heard Canyon Ranch is great but the prices do sound really expensive. However, the day pass sounds like a good option especially because they have some amenities (I hate spas without anything extra!)

  2. I took the week’s worth of day passes and did not feel it was overly expensive, compared to other things on board. Some of the things did not make sense (the herbal ‘sauna’ to me –without real heat– or were not functioning (multi jet shower). However, it is a wonderful way to escape on a journey that is already an escape… I’ll do it again. Maybe the herbal sauna will work and the multi jet shower function as intended.

  3. Glad you had a nice time, the spa is expensive compared to the other cruise ships I have been on but then it is a more luxurious cruiseliner.

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