9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Your Next Flight

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9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Your Next Flight

I recently booked 2 cheap flights with EasyJet online to Paris. I pressed confirm booking to then realise I had booked the wrong return date.

I had booked it for a week later than I wanted. I am sure when I entered the search date it was correct. But that’s me getting too excited when booking a flight and probably not paying enough attention.

Luckily, I noticed straight away, I tried to change online but it said I had to pay £64 amendment fee now my cheap flight wasn’t turning out to be the bargain I thought it was all because I didnt pay attention when booking.

I had to google the EasyJet customer service telephone number as I couldn’t find it in my panic on their website.

I got through to a customer service advisor I explained what I had done she said hold the line one moment I was convinced she was checking the terms and was going to confirm I has to pay £64 but she came back online and said “all changed new booking confirmation is on its way anything else I can help you with.” I breathed a sigh of relieve, my silly mistake didnt end up costing me more money.

t is not actually the first time I have booked the wrong date or time and I don’t know how I manage it as I am trying to be so careful and I do double check dates and times but I still make the mistake when booking my flights. I need to take more time, pay attention and try not to be doing 3 things online at once when I am booking my flights.

It got me thinking about other mistakes made when booking flights here is a list to help you not make the same mistakes.

booking a flight online image of laptop and notepad

Spelling error on flight booking

If the name is spelt differently to the name on the passport, they can refuse you to fly. Most companies will make the amendment for free but double check spelling.

I have booked it as Jenni before and my name on passport is Jennifer luckily, I was still able to fly as I didn’t notice until the last minute.

make sure your passport details match your flight booking. Image of 2 passports

Time of flight

Like dates it is common to pick the wrong time not a huge problem unless you have a connecting flight or a function you need to arrive in time for the most common is am and pm mix-ups

Incorrect Airport

It is possible that the destination you want to travel to has more than one airport even cities can have more than one airport so make sure you are booking the correct one.

Again, not a huge problem as it is still getting you to the vicinity of the destination, but it could be on the wrong side of the city that you were expecting.

Also, the names of the airport could be in a different country for example searching Florence airport to go to Italy could be mixed up with Florence airport in South Carolina so double check the airport code.

make sure you book the correct airport. this image is a plane on the tarmac in a airport

Connecting flights

If you are booking connecting flights make sure you give yourself enough time. It is nice to think you only must wait 20 minutes for your next flight but factor in getting off the plane, getting to new departure gate, do you have to go through customs again etc.

I booked a flight to China with Finnair the connecting flight was made as one booking so it automatically booked the time of my connecting flight. I didn’t think I was going to make the connection as it was not a lot of time I even asked at the check in if I would have enough time and they said yes and they would ensure my baggage got onto the next flight. This was the first time I was flying on a connecting flight so I was a little apprehensive.

Due to first flight being delayed by 1 hour I had to literally run to make connection, unfortunately my bag didnt make the connection and I just knew this was going to happen, however I had already looked at how to get compensation if your luggage is delayed so I knew what to do.

It is best to have about 2 hours for a connecting international flight you also need to factor in if the waiting time is over a certain period you might have to collect bags and re do check in which can be a hassle.

If you have booked the next flight on the same ticket and you are delayed the airline have the obligation to book you on the next available seat so if I was booking connecting flights I would always do it as one booking.

make sure you have plenty of time inbetween connecting flights. Image of departure board at airport

Avoid booking agent if possible book directly with airline

I booked another flight in China this time with a booking agent and I will never use this agent again.

Turned out the flight got cancelled and moved to next day but the booking agent never told me of change. So I turned up to the airport a day early. As I was touring china, I had my hotel booked for that night and further transport booked as I was nly staying 1 day in this location. A change in one day really affected my itinerary and if oi had been made aware of it when they moved the dates (which was a few months prior) then I could have booked a more convenient flight.

Having to purchase a new flight meant I was out of pocket. When I got home and tried to get my money back the airline was saying it was the booking agents fault and the booking agent was saying it was the airlines fault it took me 3 month of emails and complaints to finally get my money from the booking agent who I thought was responsible and all the guidance online said were responsible.

This put me off using booking agents and I will always try and book via airline as you have more of a chance if there is an issue with flight.

If you do have a problem with a booking agent and need extra support with your complaint I used resolver and it is a great website for escalating any complaints.

Book with a Credit card

I have booked flights with my mums credit card who was not flying with me to then read in the terms that you need to show the credit card you made the booking with at check in this made me panic and I ended up taking her credit card with me but I was never actually asked for it.

I also advise to book with a credit card rather than a debit card in the name of the person flying as again you have more of a chance of getting a refund if something goes wrong.

When trying to get my money back from the china cancelled flight, I had booked with a debit card but if I had booked with a credit card. I would have had added protection and my bank could have issued a refund no questions.

book flights with a credit card for added protection. Image of credit cards in a back pocket

Allow for international time differences

When I booked my flight to Australia, I booked the hotel for the same night not realising I didnt arrive into Australia the next day due to time difference so bear international time difference in mind when booking accommodation and transfers.

Baggage allowance

Whilst you might think you can automatically take hold luggage a lot of airlines now charge for this as an extra so check your booking you dont want a nasty charge when you get to the airport.

Have you made a mistake when booking a flight online, let us know in the comments below so others can avoid making the same mistakes.

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