My trip with Experience Bucharest

experience bucharest at pura vida roof top bar

Experience Bucharest

I have recently attended Experience Bucharest where I was invited along with 99 other travel bloggers, vloggers, influences to help promote Bucharest in a positive way.

experience bucharest 2017

I was excited to be part of this event as I have visited Bucharest earlier in the year and found it quite hard to find useful information online when doing my research and what I did find was in Romanian. Therefore, there was a need for some decent content.

A press trip is not only a great opportunity to explore a new destination but also the chance to network. During Experience Bucharest, I met with other bloggers, tourist professionals and locals to the area. It is actually quite intense as you want to get as much out of the few days as you can. We shared information tips and ideas and I came home with so much information about Bucharest that I can’t wait to start getting the content on my website.

Romanians definitely like to party and we had 5 nights of events, food and of course drink. The first night getting to know you session was at Pura Vida a hostel with a roof top bar. And it was worth climbing up the 5 flights of stairs (I thought my legs were gonna fall off!!!) for the amazing view.

pura vida roof top bar

I got to try my first blue chardonnay and some delicious cocktails. Not only was food provided at night but also for lunch I got to try Gastronomic which was one of the best meals I have ever had and Simbio which is very popular with locals. We didn’t go hungry or thirsty during the experience Bucharest.

gastronomika restaruant

It was a great event with some excellent sponsors. I think it went well everyone seemed to have a great time and I have been seeing some good articles being published. I am also really jealous of some of the photographs and can’t wait until I have time to up my game on photography.

The first day was a conference about how to help promote a destination and some top bloggers contributed to the presentation which made it really informative. It was also great to see so many travel influences in one room I love these type of events.

experience bucharest conference

We were there to try and portray Bucharest in a positive way which is easy as I loved the tours and my time in Bucharest. There was so much on offer that it was impossible to try everything which was a shame. However, the tours I did do were amazing and gave me such an insight to the city. I will do some articles on the tours I did but here is a brief list.

Rroma Heritage –  Finding out more about the Rroma Gypsy heritage was really interesting. We went to a local gypsy ghetto to see how they lived and a flower market to meet some of the traders.

experience bucharest rroma tour

Outcast Tour – Homeless life in Bucharest – this tour was guided by a local lad who used to be homeless and he explained why he started living on the street and took us to some of the places where he used to live. It was such a moving tour and really got you thinking about the life of the homeless in Bucharest

Darkside tour (Afternoon Visit to Bellu Cemetery included) – I picked this tour as it is not often you walk around a cemetery whilst travelling and it is likely to have a lot of history and I wasn’t disappointed.

darkside tour experience bucharest

There was so much else on offer but I just couldn’t cram it all in

Walk and Shoot – the Outskirts of Bucharest Website: 

Beautiful Decay tour Website –   This was exploring derelict buildings and everyone who did it commented how good it was.

Geocaching –Experience Bucharest

Communism tour (by Bus)

Architectural Treasure Hunts (Armenian and Cotroceni Neighbourhoods)

Enescu Tour– Let’s Talk About Classical Music

Bucharest Crash Course– Old Town Bike Tour – luckily no one actually crashed!!

Bohemian Bucharest– Food tour – gutted I couldn’t do this as being a foodie would have been great but it got booked up too quickly.

Tasting Bucharest– Lunch Food Tour

Bucharest City of Contrasts –Bike Tour

Culinary Workshop – Garlic themed

Walkabout Free Tour – I did this during my last visit and highly recommend

Alternative Tour

Communist Tour – Walking Edition

Jewish Heritage tour

Urban Delta Exploration (Vacaresti Delta)

Discover Mogosoaia – Summer Palace, by bus

Driving Experience – even though I wanted to do this since I haven’t driven for 5 years don’t think it was a good idea to get behind the wheel of a racing car.

One of the highlights for me was exploring some of the local parks with two other travel bloggers. It is not often I get chance to walk around park so loved this.

parks in bucharest for experience bucharest

I was glad to be part of Experience Bucharest and think its a great city. Come back over the next few weeks to see more about my time in Bucharest.

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  1. nice to meet you Jenni and great post – come back again to visit the countryside and Transylvania! That bear watching experience I told you about will be waiting 🙂

    Your Romanian Friend

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