Different Ways to Sail: How to Choose the Boat Type That’s Right For You

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Different Ways to Sail: How to Choose the Boat Type That’s Right For You

For some of us, sailing might be a beloved pastime, a summer vacation adventure that we’d embark upon with our families. But as the sailing industry continues to grow, it is more likely that sailing is a new and exciting frontier for a lot of people. I love sailing and can not wait to do more smaller boat sailing holidays, anything on the ocean is a win win for me and gives me a chance to get out my sea legs!!

It can be daunting taking these first few steps into such uncharted territory, but rest assured we’re here to help. Read through these sailor bios to decide what vessel will be perfect for you.

I personally want the experience but dont have the skill and also dont actually have the strength to do all of the onboard tasks so I think I would have to do a lot of courses before I would even have the confidence to sail a boat at the moment I will sit back and watch the experienced sailor and maybe do a little!!

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There are plenty of vessels from sailboats to power catamarans for sale out there, but some are more geared to adventuring than others. When it comes to your chosen vessel’s performance, your typical adventurer will most likely prioritise endurance, and on-board storage and living space above all else.

You want to ensure that your vessel has the capacity to hold you and your fellow adventurers, as well as all the inventory you will need to fuel your expedition into open waters.

Adventurous sailors would feel most at home on a smooth-sailing multihull vessel, preferably powered by a large motor so that you can travel extensively without having to moor. Sailing vessels aren’t recommended for the adventurous, as you won’t want to bother yourself with fickle ocean winds.

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Similar to adventurers, thrillseekers are happiest when they’re aboard a speedier vessel. But unlike adventurers, the comfort and space of a multihull catamaran is simply not something they’ll really need. Instead, thrillseekers would feel right at home on a small and flighty motor yacht.

These little vessels can be incredibly versatile and are available in a range of configurations, with some sporting open-plan top cabins to widen your viewing angles, or potentially even possessing multiple levels for higher living on the open ocean.

You will be bound to find one that suits your needs, whether you’re looking to go diving off the coast of Costa Rica or going for a zoom on your jet ski around the Pacific Islands.

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The best way to catch a fish is with a cat (a powercat, that is). These small and speedy multihull vessels are a favourite of hobby fishermen across the globe, primarily due to their smooth operating, above-average steering and dexterity, and relatively silent motors.

However, like full-sized power catamarans, powercats are available in a range of different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to embark on a lengthy voyage with your poles in tow, these light and reliable vessels can come equipped with spacious cabins and bathrooms too! If you’re considering chartering a powercat, it is recommended that you take some time to assess how many fellow fishers will be accompanying you and how long you’d like to be out on the water, just so you’ll be guaranteed to find a powercat that’s perfect for you.

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Old-fashioned skippers are happy with the simple things in life and have rather different motives for getting out on the water than all other sailors.

Whilst others may be out for adventure and sight-seeing, the simple act of sailing alone is all a skipper needs to be content with their seaside getaway.

If you feel intrigued by the concept of becoming a one-man crew and setting sail on your very own sailboat, a traditional monohull sailboat would be your dream come true.

It should be said, however, that sailing isn’t always as idyllic as it may seem, and that if you’re a novice sailor, you should look into completing a few sailing courses to guarantee a certain level of proficiency that will be required to operate your own sailboat independently.

There’s an undeniably great level of variety when it comes to vessels, but you’ll soon discover that the large number of options out there is more of a blessing than a curse.

Be assured that because of all the diverse options out there to suit the most wayfaring of adventurers to the humblest of skippers, there’s most definitely a vessel amongst them that’s actually perfect for you!

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