Avoid These 5 Foods When Travelling No Matter What

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Avoid These 5 Foods When Travelling No Matter What

Food is one of the main highlights of any vacation, don’t you agree?

If you are someone whose taste buds constantly call out and your vacation seems to be incomplete unless you have relished something unique, you’re on the right page then! 

Although there are a host of culinary delights that are safe and healthy almost anywhere you travel, you need to be cautious about certain foods. After all, you don’t want to end up staying in your  hotel room for the rest of the days, do you? 

No need to fret! We have already enlisted those foods to save you from any trouble. 

Read on to know… 

Seafood and Raw Meat

Thinking why it tops our list?

Well, it’s a no brainer! 

Both seafood and raw meat (either cooked or uncooked) cause serious health issues even in the most developed countries And, consuming them while travelling can jeopardize your dream vacation.

All thanks to the nasty pathogens and germs that lay over them. Additionally, most such traditional food items are raw or undercooked. 

So, it’s definitely NOT a good idea to consume them even if you’ve done your research well. 

Unpasteurised dairy products

Milk, raw cheese, and other such items fall into the category of unpasteurized dairy products.

These are a home to a hell lot of pathogens and can cause anything from an upset stomach to diseases (that are life-threatening). So, why take a chance when you’re not sure about this food item’s safety? 



Unlike most other fruits and vegetables, berries have no protective skin and are eaten raw. Hence, these must be avoided in certain regions. 

Firstly, because you have no idea if the harmful bacteria atop is washed off or not. Secondly, the water is contaminated in various regions and you cannot be sure of it too. 

So, if you are really concerned about your stomach when travelling abroad and want to have a pleasant experience, ditch this healthy fruit. You can obviously go back and have it at your place!  


Same is the case with salad. 

Although they are extremely nutritious and appetizing, they are not always safe to consume in various countries, especially the ones that do not have access to hygienic water everywhere. The water with which they are washed is an underlying cause of many foodborne diseases.

It is best to eat only cooked foods or fruits that have an outer skin and need not be washed like bananas, watermelon, melon. At least, you are aware that they are not washed with unclean water!  

Tap Water

I can’t stress enough on this point. 

The tap water in developing countries is usually not safe. And, the quality varies from region to region. So, it’s best to avoid it in areas where you any of these red flags:

  1. Poor sanitation
  2. Unclean water sources

In such a case, either stick to bottled water or carry your own water filtration bottle. This purifies the most contaminated of waters making it safe for drinking purposes. Moreover, any odours are eliminated and the filtration bottle provides natural fragrance to the water. 

Final Word

Now that you’re aware of the food items that must be avoided while travelling, make sure to skip these for ensuring a great experience. You obviously don’t want to tempt fate, do you? 

Take care of what you eat when you travel. Your overall health is extremely important. And, in the case of any pre-existing health issues, do consult your doctor beforehand. 

That being said, slide into your rocky boots and start your packing already. Happy travelling! 

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