Biodegradable Coffee Capsules for Nespresso : Tasty and Ethical

coffee capsules

Biodegradable Coffee Capsules for Nespresso : Tasty and Ethical

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When I was a teenager some foods and drinks used to make me sick. They included sausages, coke and coffee, I dont know why. Over the years I have eaten sausages and they didnt make me ill but the thought of coffee still turned my stomach. Until recently when I have been craving coffee.

Every time I smell coffee I want a cup so I tried it and it didnt make me feel sick but I was still nervous about drinking it so I took it slowly and introduced coffee back into my life.

As the weeks passed I started drinking more of it and now I realise it no longer makes me ill so I have started trying different types and I am gutted I have been missing out for so long as coffee is so tasty.

When I was asked to try Coffee Capsules I jumped at the chance as I am keen to try different flavour coffees to find which one I like. My mum is a coffee drinker and she likes something strong with lots of flavour but since I am just starting to drink coffee again I am not after such an intense flavour.

coffee capsules

I made a mistake with the coffee machine that we had. The coffee capsules I was sent was for a Nespresso and we actually have a Nescafe Gusto machine but it didnt matter as I also had some converters so I was still able to try. I have these pots that you put your own coffee in and then can use it in the Nescafe Gusto machine it was simple I just opened the capsule and poured it in.

I also went to a friends house who actually had a Nespresso machine and we tried it and there work perfectly.

Coffee and Kin have Coffee and Chocolate subscription which will make a cool gift. For only £20 per month which can be cancelled at any time you will receive the following : 

  • COFFEE (300g of coffee beans/ground coffee OR 30 compostable coffee pods)
  • ARTISAN CHOCOLATE (150g-200g of luxury chocolate. Flavours will change each month and you’ll receive at least two different bars – the perfect treat!)

“We really want this box to put a smile on your face every time it arrives at your door!” and I am sure if anyone get this as a gift it will definitely make them smile.

I tried the three different options that are on sale and you can get a starter pack for £12.50 with 30 capsules.

Escape which has hints of toffee, chocolate and hazelnut

Discover which has hints of chocolate, almond and maple syrup

Explore which has hints of chocolate, raspberry and caramel

I am not a coffee connoisseur and it is a bit like tasting wine I even like it or I dont. I cant normally pick out the different flavours unless it is rose which I absolutely hate!! I really enjoyed all the flavours. My mum prefers something a little more intense but she also liked the flavours. I love the idea that they are biodegradable coffee capsule and once we had used them we put them into our food wastage.

If you have a Nespresso machine then these are some tasty coffee capsules for you to try and if you dont have the machine buy one so you can try them lol.

Coffee and Kin bean emporium also do tea bags which is made with specialty loose leaf tea leaves from Sri Lanka, Kenya and India. Packed it in a biodegradable pyramid infuser to give the tea enough space to move around and release its flavour. making it more environmentally friendly so great for gift ideas for people who prefer tea to coffee.

biodegradable tea bags

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