Clock Café Chefchaouen : Quirky Moroccan Vibes

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Clock Café Chefchaouen : Quirky Moroccan Vibes

I visited the Clock Café in Chefchaouen after some of my group on my Moroccan Tour, had been to one of their cafes in Marrakech and recommended it. They also have a café in Fez.

clock cafe in chefchaouen

The café in Chefchaouen was down one of the many little streets and may be a bit difficult to find, luckily we had sat nav on one of our phones. There were 3 floors including a roof terrace unfortunately like many places in Morocco they are only accessible by stairs so can be difficult for people with mobility limitations.

seating areas in clock cafes in morocco

The décor is typical of what you imagine for Morocco, very colourful with lots of throws and cushions which made it feel really comfy. There were several little tables and they were also able to cater for our group.

They were really friendly and welcoming and made sure we were happy by moving some tables so we could sit together. We ended up taking over one of the floors and service was still great especially for Chefchaouen where we were warned meals can takes a long time to be served.

lots of floors in the clock cafe in chefchaouen not ideal for people with mobility limitations

There is plenty of choice from this menu and the prices were reasonable. We visited in the morning for hot drinks and later returned for lunch to try a camel burger.

English tea 20 dirham

Coffee 10 to 20 dirham

Camel burger 95 dirham

Various Desserts, Sandwiches and Falafel which some of the group had and said was delicious.

clock cafe menu

About 18 of our group tour ended up eating in the café and they dealt with the large crowd really well. We were limited to time as our coach was leaving soon so some of the group that arrived later were given their food to take away.

group eating in the clock cafe

The camel burger was my first taste of camel whilst in Morocco and it was juicy and flavoursome, the taste and texture reminded me of lamb.

It doesn’t look very appetising in my photo but it was really tasty. I didn’t see camel on the menu’s that often and that was another reason for visiting the clock café as the reviews said the camel burgers were some of the best in Morocco.

camel burger in morocco

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The Clock Café have cooking classes and live music on the evenings and even cinema nights so it is worth checking out their website to see what they have on. It was a lovely place to sit and they even had books if you had more time to chill.

It is a lovely café to refuel whilst getting morocco vibes. If you are in Marrakech, Fez or Chefchaouen then I would recommend checking it out.

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