Ultimate list of Christmas Drinks

Ultimate list of Christmas Drinks

Christmas is a social time with friends and family and what better way to spend time with loved ones than with a nice drink of something special.

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Are you bored of the standard vodka, gin or whiskey? I have been searching for some alternatives Christmas drinks and have a great list for you. I got to try so many of these, it was a hard chore but one I definitely enjoyed doing.

Do you have a favourite drink at Christmas if so let me know and I would like to add it to my list. I am also on the look out for some Christmas cocktail recipes to try his year so get in contact.

Gin Baubles

Now I used to be a vodka girl until I tried these Gin filled Baubles. They are from Pickering’s Gin made in Scotland and I loved the gin, it made me realise how tasty gin can be and 2019 has been my year of trying lots of different gins which you can read more about here. But these gin baubles are so cool who isnt going to like hanging some gin on the tree that you can then have a festive drink from whenever you fancy. 

These baubles are such a cool idea as well because once you have drunk the gin you still have something to put on the tree at Christmas, maybe I could fill them with Pickering’s ever year…. You can read my full review here.

The Edinburgh distillery made headlines after 30,000 of their gin-filled Christmas baubles sold out in 82 seconds in 2016 so I really wanted to try them and was so glad I got to this year. I will be getting these for gifts for my friends that are gin lovers, then I will be in their good books for 2020!!!

Find out where to buy these gin baubles here

gin bauble
I love these Gin Baubles

My favourite gin this year was Breacon Botanical gin which I had during my visit to Gliffaes Country House Hotel in the Breacon Beacons. I could not wait to buy a bottle when I returned home and if you are looking for a special gin to try this Christmas then this is one that I would recommend.

Champagne is for special occasions and what is more special than Christmas or New Years Eve when thousands of corks are popped. We have a tradition to have a bottle of bubbly on Christmas morning whilst we are opening our presents. If champagne is a bit too much on Christmas morning or you need to pace yourself then a Bucks Fizz is a great Christmas morning drink.

Cuvée Trianon and Cuvée Hautes les Prieres Vintage 2010

This year we will be trying the Cuvée Trianon and Cuvée Hautes les Prieres Vintage 2010, both of which recently won Gold Medals in The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2017. One for Christmas morning and one for New Years Eve perfect!!!

Roger Constant Lemaire is a small family run Champagne House located in the Marne Valley. They have been producing quality Champagne for 5 generations. The Estate stretches over 13 hectares in the region of Cumières, Hautvillers, Reuil, Binson-Orquigny, Troissy et Leuvrigny. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand, with only first press used in production. Vinification uses non malo-lactic fermentation methods to ensure a better quality of Champagne with its own natural acidity.

“The Champagne has an inherent sweetness allowing for the addition of only a very low dosage of cane sugar. All of the Non-Vintage Champagnes spend a minimum of 3-4 years in the cellars and Vintage 5-7 years” 

Cuvée Trianon

Jewel of Lemaire consisting of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. Multi-award winning Champagne with year on year consistency in flavour and finesse. An elegant fine mousse, rich, toasty and full bodied, vibrant acidity, balanced with a beautiful finish.

Serving suggestion: As an Aperitif, accompanied by Oysters or with Salmon tartare with dill, pickled cucumber and crème fraîche.

rcl champagne a great bottle for new years eve celebrations

GOLD Medal IWC 2015 & 2014 If you would like to buy a bottle of these you can find more details here

Stones Ginger Wine

Stones Ginger wine is a fortified wine and it reminds me of my childhood. Not that I drank it then but we always had a bottle of this in the house at Christmas. It is a warming drink so great for winter night, it is lovely with coke and ice and will warm your tummy as it goes down. I am going to try a few cocktails with this over the Christmas period so look out for my article on Ginger Wine Cocktails coming soon.

ginger wine

Kings Ginger Liqueur

Now if ginger is your thing then you need to try this liqueur. It is sweet and warming perfect for those cold nights. The ginger is not overwhelming which make it a great drink to have neat over ice or I had it with lemonade. I also tried it in a glass of prosecco which was different and very tasty.

Croft Twist

This Christmas, upgrade your glass of fizz with a festive twist. Croft Twist is an aperitif, a refreshment, a Fino spritz. It combines delicious Fino with refreshing flavours of elderflower, lemon and mint. Simply serve with a vanilla pod or cloves and orange peel for a festive-filled glass of British bubbly.

At just 5.5% in alcohol, this sparkling, ready-to-pour and fuss-free beverage is your perfect party-pleaser, stocking filler or drinks-trolley must-have. So go forth and upgrade your Christmas, because this year it’s all about Croft-mas

croft twist at christmas

The Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka

Now I have had plenty of Echo Falls wine but did you know they also did Vodka. I didn’t but was very happy to try this Summer Berries flavoured Vodka. It is sweet and perfect with ice and lemonade. I can not wait to have a few more cocktails with this over Christmas. I love flavoured vodkas and this is now on my list of favourites.

Cocktail Idea : 25ml Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka, 100ml prosecco and a fresh raspberry to add some fizz to the party season. It’s also great as a year round refreshing long drink paired perfectly with lemonade and crushed blackberries.

echo falls vodka

If you would like more information about this tasty vodka check out this website

The Christmas Ale and Merry Elf

I can not believe I never used to like Beer / Ale now I can not get enough of the stuff. These two are delicious and the names are just perfect for Christmas although I will be drinking these all year round if I get the chance.

The Christmas Ale (ABV: 7.0%) is a copper coloured, smooth, fruity and full-bodied ale with aromas of toffee and caramel leading to rich and smooth flavours of Christmas fruits and spices. It’s perfect served up with Christmas savouries, sweets and snacks.

For something a little spicier try Merry Elf (ABV 4.5%). This amber-coloured beer is  malty and spicy with a hint of fruit and slight citrus and floral notes

christmas ale

St Peters Without and Without Gold

Going alcohol free? Trying to cut down on your units? Or designated driver? Then choose St Peter’s Without® Original or Without® Gold, the two tastiest zero alcohol beers available in the UK.

Without Original still has all the flavour and is malty and full bodied perfect for ale drinkers I bet you cant even tell the difference. It is brewed to the exact same standards as your favourite craft ale, but without the alcohol. For more information visit www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk James White Apple Juice

I love, love, love apple juice and these are delicious so refreshing and full of flavour. These are definitely a adult version of apple juice as they might be a bit too tart for the kiddies.

Did I mention that I love apple juice and I think these are perfect for breakfast any time of the year but also a great treat for someone at the Christmas party who can not have alcohol. However I even had some with a drop of vodka, yeah not alcohol free but still amazing. Will also make the perfect cocktail accompaniment for some of my favourites cocktails. For more information check out their website.

Apple Martini Cocktail : 
Vodka, Apple Schnapps, Apple Juice

apple juice for christmas

So what Christmas Drinks will you be having this year, please share if you try something a little different.

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