Key Differences Between Camping knives & Kitchen Knives

Key Differences Between Camping knives & Kitchen Knives

A knife has multiple uses and thus has gained significant popularity over the years. There are different types of knives designed to serve distinct purposes. There are survival knives for outdoor activities and then there are kitchen knives for cooking purposes. Some of the key differences between the kitchen knives and camping knives have been discussed below.

The Blades

Besides both types of knives being sharp, they don’t differ drastically in their form. Kitchen knives are mostly used for cutting purposes. These knives are not used for prying or stabbing. They are designed for regular use. Due to this reason, the need for sharpening the blades several times arises. Probably it needs more sharpening than camping knives. Kitchen knives when used for a long period, the length and depth of blade may decrease. To enhance the lifespan of the knives, the blades are made flat and thinner towards the point. The blade of the kitchen knives is normally longer when compared to the outdoor knives.

The Construction

The blade of the kitchen knife is made of distinct steels that use a limited amount of carbon for acids and moisture resistance. However, the blade tends to chip when it faces tough tasks and becomes less effective, unlike the quality camping knives. When it comes to the edges of these knives, both are designed differently. A camping knife is primarily used to dig holes, cut wood, and perform complex activities. But, a kitchen knife is mostly used for slicing. Hence, there is a huge difference in the construction of these two knives.

The Handles

The handles of these two styles differ too. The kitchen knives are either made of polymer handles or the wood handles. These materials can be cleaned easily. On the contrary, the handles of the camping knives are designed in a manner that keeps your hands comfortable during the toughest tasks. It provides a good grip to withstand distinct weather conditions and temperatures. A camping knife comes with a handle which never detaches from the blade. Therefore, the camping knives have handles made of linen Micarta or G10 mostly. These materials are bolted on the outer part of the full tang of the blade.

Most campers or hunters prefer knives with synthetic handles as they have better grips. Besides, they are durable and sustain extreme environmental conditions. The handle of the camping knife has a guard that prevents your hand from slipping due to moisture. The camping knife should have the right size of the handle. If it’s too big or too small, it can be troublesome for your forearm. You will also face issues controlling it.

Camping Knives Turning into Cooking Knives

Nowadays, there are blades created with an objective of using it as a cooking knife for outdoor activities. You can carry it along if you are planning to cook outdoors. The cooking knives do the chopping job perfectly. However, to split some firewood, you may need a knife specially designed for camping purposes. Therefore, there are knives which can be used for distinct purposes and not restricted to slicing alone. These knives are known for its versatility and you don’t have to carry separate knives anymore. The knives can slice up foods, cut up a watermelon and also can be used as a survival knife. Carrying such knives makes you feel more secure in the outdoors.

Thus, whether you are looking for a kitchen knife or a camping knife, choose them wisely. Every knife has distinct features to suit your specific needs, so understand the features and materials used to design a specific knife.

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