5 Top Things to do in Lucerne

lucerne old town

5 top things to do in Lucerne

Lucerne is a fairy tale like, quintessential Swiss city. Beautiful wooden chalets, a stunning lake and high mountains, all add to the magical romance of Lucerne. It’s no wonder that it ranks among the prettiest cities in the world! Read on to find the 5 top things to do in this city from Guest Blogger Smita from My Faulty Compass.


Stroll along the Kapellbrücke more famously known as the Chapel Bridge. The oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe, this bridge runs diagonally over the river Reuss. It is a symbol for not only Lucerne but also Switzerland you will find it pictured on all kinds of souvenirs!

The interior of the bridge contains beautiful paintings and writings – you can easily spend a couple of hours engrossed in them. Standing alongside the bridge is a huge octagonal water tower which has become an integral part of the bridge’s landscape, and makes it all the more photogenic.

During the summer, hundreds of colourful flowers line the bridge and you are left marvelling at how pretty they are. Winters see a layer of snow covering the bridge, giving it an unearthly, mystical appearance.

The bridge, dating back to the 14th century was nearly destroyed in a fire in 1993. Parts of it were then rebuilt and some paintings replaced.

Lake Lucerne

Take a walk along the lake promenade. Lake Lucerne (known as Vierwaldstättersee in German) is one of the largest lakes in Switzerland and among the prettiest. It’s twisting shape and the towering snow peaked mountains give it a stunning appearance.

There is a long promenade along the lake, lined with restaurants, food stalls and benches for you to picnic and enjoy.

stroll along lake lucerne
Image Credit : Pixabay

Old Town in Lucerne

Visit the old town. This historic area has buildings dating back to the 15th century, ancient walls and beautiful paintings on facades. A walk along its narrow streets will transport you back in time, well, that is until you spot an H&M store along one of the shopping streets!

Nevertheless, it’s a lovely experience to enjoy – couple it with some delicious fondue and a hot chocolate for an out the world day! If you’re lucky, you may find an alphorn player (or a band of them) performing near the church – their music is hauntingly beautiful.

lucerne old town
Image Credit : Pixabay

Boat Ride on Lake Lucerne

Take a boat ride on Lake Lucerne. The best way to enjoy the beautiful Lake Lucerne is to hop on one of the numerous ferries that head to the nearby towns – either explore one of the towns (try Weggis or Vitznau) or take the circular ferry route back to Lucerne.

The clear, turquoise water of the lake and the mountains close by as you reach the middle of the lake are nothing short of spectacular!

boat ride on lake lucerne
Image Credit : Pixabay

Mount Rigi

Visit Mount Rigi. The Queen of mountains, Rigi is one of the closest mountains to Lucerne and is the perfect place for a hike (or skiing) or even a sight-seeing visit to take in the views.

The train ride up to the mountain is one of the most scenic train rides in Switzerland (and that’s saying something!). The views from the top are spectacular – you can see 13 lakes and even the peaks of the Bernese Oberland on a clear day. While most tourists flock to Mt. Pilatus, I would recommend Mt. Rigi, better views, much fewer tourists and fully covered in the Swiss Pass! Read here for a detailed guide to visiting the stunning Mount Rigi.

Image Credit : Pixabay

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