5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Exhausting Trips

Tips for Staying Healthy on Exhausting Trips

When you’re taking one or more trips, they can be exhausting. Just a single flight deprives you of natural light and necessary rest, and all the recycled air doesn’t make you feel that great either. When you’re using flights, buses, rail, and other forms of local transportation and bouncing from destination to destination, your health is bound to be affected.

To help you manage exhausting trips and stay healthy despite the rigors of them, here are 5 tips to set you right.

1.     Get Enough Sleep

The more travel that you do, the greater the potential exhaustion. And when the tiredness reaches epic levels, it’s almost a certainty that your immune system is rundown, and you’ll get sick. This is because you’re at your most susceptible at this time and when you move around more, you’re coming into contact with many more germs than you do in everyday life.

Getting enough sleep isn’t easy if you snore or sleep poorly. Try using this SomniFix product which seals your lips and provides greater support for your jaw. By preventing sleeping with an open mouth, you don’t snore and only breathe through your nose. Also, air pollutants are filtered better when breathing this way for a more peaceful sleep.

2.     Travel Slower and More Purposefully

When you can choose how much time you spend in each destination, extend your time there. This allows you to recover fully from the last travel to the current destination and enjoy your surroundings before heading out again.

For one single long trip, don’t pack too many attractions into a single day. This only leads to you dashing about from place to place not enjoying any of them. Also, include days where you chill out and don’t see any attractions, otherwise, it’ll seem like work and you’ll get worn out.

When possible, spend a day in the city where you’re getting a connecting flight. This way, you get to see more of each place and don’t have the stress of worrying about whether you’ll make the connection or not. The reduced stress is better for your body.

3.     Eat the Right Foods

Don’t skip meals because you’re traveling; you’ll need the stores of energy to keep going through the day, especially when there’s a lot of ‘wait and hurry up’ between transportation links.

Fit more protein into your diet to power through. It’ll get used up more slowly compared to simple carbohydrates which create energy peaks and then leave you feeling drained.

Pack energy bars and other healthy quick fixes when there’s no time to stop for a proper meal. Also, ask for extra cups of still water on flights to combat the salty foods served up.

4.     Fix Workouts into Your Lifestyle

To stay healthy, working out is totally necessary. The difficulty is that you won’t always have access to a hotel gym or have time to find a local retail gym either.

Look for bodyweight exercises you can perform with the minimum of equipment. Swap out dumbbells for full water bottles and adopt new forms of movement to get your heart rate up.

Make use of available gyms on one-day passes. Find local parks to exercise in. Or, hire a bicycle at your destination to build up the miles and get your daily calorie burning in.

5.     Indulge Yourself

It’s important to spoil yourself occasionally, otherwise, travel can seem never-ending. Take a day off or go to the spa to relax. Get a sauna, lounge by the pool, or read a novel that you’ve been wanting to enjoy for ages.

Pamper yourself a little to refresh and rejuvenate. It makes travel much less wearing on the body and keeps you healthier too.

Also, don’t forget to take a digital detox every so often. We all spend too much time on our smartphones and laptop. Give your eyes some rest for a day. They will thank you in the morning.

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