Where to stay in Ironbridge : Malthouse Review

Malthouse B&B

Where to stay in Ironbridge : Malthouse B&B Review

Wharfage, Ironbridge, Telford TF8 7NH

Welcome to my Malthouse B&B review. I stayed at Malthouse B&B with my mum during a 3 night visit to Ironbridge, UK.

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I was a bit concerned about staying here as the reviews are not that great on trip advisor but we were limited to where we could stay due to wanting twin beds and we had left it too late so most places were fully booked.

It cost £248 for three nights for room only. Breakfast was an extra £7.50 but we didn’t eat breakfast here.

where to stay in ironbridge
Love this pink bed
where to stay in telford

The style of these rooms are quirky and fun. I stayed in the loft room and I loved the big pink bed. It had an Audrey Hepburn theme to the room. I stayed here with my mum and we had a double and a single bed. The other rooms had colourful names so I’m intrigued as to what they would have looked like. There was also a presence of skull and cross bones I’m not sure how this fitted in with the Audrey theme.

hotel in telford
hotels in telford

We stayed here Mon-Thurs there were no live bands on and we heard no noise from the bars. I loved the free standing claw bath although i wouldn’t be able to get out of it and the shower was only a shower head there was no where to hook it on to.

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It was central and in a great location for us to see the sights as we were travelling by public transport and the bus stop was opposite plus it was only a short walk into the centre of town where more eateries and shops can be found. Although this room was ok there were a few minor faults that let it down.

  1. The room has no air it got very hot as it had no window or air conditioning unit maybe a fan might have helped to circulate a bit of air around the room
  2. There was an artificial window which was on the corridor facing wall I think this was used to give some light into the room but unfortunately at night time it was still letting light into the room from the corridor so the room never got dark enough which did make it a bit difficult to get to sleep. Plus, even though we were at the end of the corridor and unless staff needed to get into the room next to us no one should have been walking past it did make me feel a little uneasy as you could see into the room, even though they were sort of marbled glass if you got close enough you could see in, I think it needs a blind or a least a curtain to give some more privacy
  3. Two very thin flimsy pillows on the double bed. One spare pillow provided but with no pillowcase
  4. TV has sky channels but this did not work that often, mainly saying fault with network even for channels 1,2,3,4
  5. No bin in the bathroom
  6. There was a distinct smell of fish as we are above a pub which is obviously selling fish and chips on its menu but the whole place (no pun intended lol) smelt of the fish all the time, maybe they need a better extraction fan as its obviously not working.

We ate here twice, once for dinner and once for dessert. The meals were OK they are very big, maybe if they cut down on the portion size they could charge a more reasonable price for the quality of the food.

places to eat in ironbridge

I wasn’t impressed with the desserts they were quite expensive. My mum had a chocolate sundae and at nearly £8 it has to be the most expensive ice-cream she’s ever had and not eaten. It was so large I’m sure it was a whole tub of ice-cream but it had large chunks of chocolate in and because they were frozen they were rock hard and she couldn’t eat it. I had a strawberry and white chocolate cheese cake but it tasted more like a strawberry yoghurt it wasn’t nice at all.

where to stay in ironbridge

I would recommend staying at the Malthouse B&B or going to the pub for something to eat but maybe skip dessert.

You can check availability and latest prices below.

I really enjoyed my stay in Ironbridge you can read about what I did here. I would also recommend eating at the White Hart as it is absolutely delicious just a few minutes walk from the Malthouse B&B.

Where to stay in Ironbridge

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