Leigh Russell : A Great UK Crime Novelist

Leigh Russell : A Great UK Crime Novelist

Leigh Russell is a UK based crime writer with a few character series.

The first series I started with by Leigh Russell was the Ian Peterson and I really liked her writing style its easy going without too much jargon so a perfect book for reading in bed when I dont want to have to concentrate too much. It was a great trilogy, I ended up reading all these books in a week as I really enjoyed them and I can not wait to read more of the Ian Peterson Series so will be keeping an eye out for them but good news for me is that there a few more novels by Leigh Russell for me to read in the mean time.

I was also excited to read that these books are in the pipeline for a TV series which I think would be brilliant.

Cold Sacrifice

This is the first book where I have met DS Ian Peterson but I believe he might be in the Geraldine Steer series who he works with as she is also refered to in these books. I really liked this Charactor and how we learnt about his home live with his wife who he loves very much. At then end of the book they are moving to York and I couldnt wait to start the next novel to find out how they got on. As he is a ice character you want the best for him.

The book is not gruesome although horrofic murders are taking place, it is up to your imagination to put it into context which i like as even though I love murder books i dont really like them if there is too much blood and guts that it makes me feel sick.

The ending was a little dissapointing, we found out who had been commiting the murders but I couldnt really understand the references to the cult that was mentioned so I would have liked to find out more about that but I would still recommend as a good read.

Race to Death

When the Ian Petersons wife’s new boss started taking a interest in her I was beginning to grow suspicious and thought he may have a hidden agenda with the murders, half way through the book but then there was a twist at the end that I was not expecting.

This again is a great book in the series and I would recommend reading the books in order as you find out a little bit more about Ian Peterson as in each book.

Blood Axe

A little gruesome with some crazy going round hacking people with a ax and even decapitating someone. It took me well over into half the book to come up with my own conclusions about what was happening and why. So it kept me on my toes and I wanted to keep reading to find out why some looney was attacking what seemed like totally unconnected people with an axe.

It was not who I was expected however even though we find out who the murderer is like with the two other books there no reasoning explaining why and this is something I like. Although it means it keeps you guessing and you can come up with your own ending.

The inspectors wife has left him in this book and I want to read more to find out what she is playing at and hope they get back together as he seems a really nice guy and I want him to be happy.

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