Getting sick in Indonesia

How to feel sick on such an amazing beach- Indonesia's stunning Raja Ampat[12134]

Getting sick in Indonesia Have you got Ill when travelling I can think of nothing worse. Andra from Our World Wander shares what it was like getting sick in Indonesia. Andra from Romania, a full-time lawyer, and full-time wanderer. “Madly in love with Asia and especially with the Indian subcontinent, in 2016 my husband and […]

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Top 5 Things To Do in Taiwan


Top 5 Things To Do in Taiwan Taiwan surely is a small country but huge in terms of amazing places, exciting food scene, rich culture, natural attractions, and of course, efficient transportation system. It is nearly impossible to see and experience each and every sites and activities in just one visit. But you can definitely […]

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Dreaming about Goa, India

Dreaming about Goa I have fallen in love with South India. After a brilliant stay at the Indian Summer House our host gave us all a different book on a Indian region as a parting gift and I got Goa. Since then I have been dreaming of going back to South India to the white […]

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