Can I save money and the environment while travelling?

save the environment when travelling

Can I save money and the environment while travelling?

Most people don’t associate the words “travel” and “cheap” in the same sentence. But what happens when we add “environmentally friendly” to the mix?

In our current climate, it’s important to try to look out for the environment and make active changes in our lifestyles to improve the planet. But it’s also important to travel and see the world. When money is tight, it can feel impossible to do both. While you might want to think about stocks and shares ISAs from Wealthify to help you save for your next trip – how can you think about being environmentally friendly too?

Skip the flight

For many people, flying is the best way to travel (unless you have a fear of flying, of course). It’s quick, straight-forward and you can get cheap deals if you’re savvy and do your research. However, flying isn’t good for the environment. It releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the environment and contributes to global warming.

So, consider other ways of travelling, like taking a coach or a train. Interrailing can be a fun, sociable way to travel, and you get to see beautiful countryside passing by. Trains and coaches can also be super cheap, especially if you purchase tickets in advance and invest in a travel card.

Avoid bottled water

We all know how damaging single use plastic can be on the environment. When we put plastic into a rubbish bin it ends up in the ocean, damaging wildlife and contributing to marine pollution.

As a keen traveller, you will understand the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it. So, do your bit by avoiding bottled water and any other single-use plastic while you travel. Bring a water bottle that you can fill up and avoid any products that over package. You can make a difference. Plus, you save money by being prepared.

Go veggie

The meat industry causes a lot of issues with the environment. Meat products have a larger carbon footprint and evidence shows that a vegetarian diet is much more environmentally friendly. So, why not be a vegetarian traveller? Whilst it might be harder in certain countries and cities than others, most restaurants offer vegetarian options and you can do your research beforehand. You might stumble across some delicious new recipes and cuisines that you hadn’t once considered. Not only will you be saving the planet, but you could also save money, as vegetarian meals tend to be cheaper than meat dishes.


If you’re serious about helping the environment during travelling, there are plenty of volunteering options that clean up the planet, such as marine conservation.

Most of these programmes will involve getting your hands dirty and doing maintenance work like weeding, planting trees and cleaning up after animals.

You might also get to do some scuba diving or teaching. There are plenty of options, and you can also save money doing volunteering as you’ll often be provided with food and accommodation. Win win!

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