What I thought of Bristol Foodie Festival

duck wrap at bristol food festival

Bristol Foodie Festival 2018

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Bristol Foodie Festival 2018 was held on 11th to 13th of May and is supposedly the biggest food festival in the UK.

I visited the Bristol foodie festival on Sunday which happened to coincide with the Bristol 10K marathon which meant the road near the Downs where the food festival is held were closed which made it a little awkward to get to by public transport.

However there was ample parking and if i had known this I would have drove as it would have been easier for me to drive than try and get there by bus. I think this made me slightly disappointed with the actual festival as I was so stressed of trying to get there.

I received 2 Complimentary VIP tickets I think the price of a standard ticket was around £10 each. There were plenty of food stores selling many different products ranging from cheeses, pickles, liqueurs and even frying pans. 

The main attraction for me had to be the food stalls, it was a hard decision to choose what to eat as there was such a varied variety. The stalls included burgers and hot dogs, Spanish cuisine, Thai and even Yorkshire puddings in the end I decided on a duck wrap which was delicious but slightly pricey.

duck wrap at bristol food festival

The food is great and the smell will get your taste buds going but I do did feel as though things were quite pricey I paid £7 for a duck wrap which to be honest wasn’t worth the money for the size or quality of the food but everything else on all the other stall seemed around the same sort of price.

I had access to the VIP tent I am not sure if you can pay extra to go in this tent but if you can then I wouldn’t bother. We had a complimentary glass of fizz which was a tiny plastic glass and they had even ran out of one type.

There was tea and coffee available but there was no hot water to make this when I first arrived there was some squash but then this also went so all that was actually available was some warm soda water.

I did however get a goody bag which included a carton of Oomega 100% plantbased flax drink, Robinsons cordial, a teabag, some Bonne Maman La Madeleine with lemon cakes and a sweet potato and pecan snack bar.

vip pass for bristol foodie festival

There was live music being played on Sunday but on the Friday and Saturday they had headliners The Hoosiers, Toploader and Dodgy. There were a few fairground rides, it was a pleasant day, luckily the sun was shining.

It was quite busy the queues for the food carts were long and slow moving which is probably why I decided on the duck wrap as there was not a queue to this place. I have been to many food festivals as a food blogger this might be one of the biggest but it isn’t one of the best however if you have nothing to do when it is in Bristol then it is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Looking around the stalls and there were a few samples. I tried some cheese and I bought some old Amsterdam cheese which was smelly but good.

I tried some beetroot ketchup this was really tasty but unfortunately the stallholder wasn’t around so I couldn’t buy any. We bought some Mint Kendal liqueur with chocolate which is going to be absolutely amazing on ice cream and a Toffee Vodka which I think will also be great on ice cream.

I cannot wait until I can start drinking alcohol again after my chemotherapy treatment because these are calling out to me. They will also make some tasty cocktails.

mint kendal cake liqueur

The stallholders were friendly and interactive and really proud of there products that they were selling and they had every right to be because there was a great range and quality for sale. There was definitely something for everybody’s taste buds.

There was even a cash point, the only thing I didn’t notice was a toilet.

They had cooking and baking demonstrations and you could watch MasterChef Winner 2018 Kenny Tutt Cooking Live in The Chefs Theatre. These got filled up pretty quickly so if you do want to attend anything even get there get there early and sign up or see if there is a way to book these in advance.

If you are in Bristol then do try and attend but I wouldn’t travel half way across the country to visit like I would for other festivals especially the York festival.

Maybe this was due to the festival being contained on a field and in York it is around the streets and also not my home town which made it more interesting.

But if you are a foodie and have plenty of money then do attend and try more of the delicious foods that are on offer. They have a number of other foodie events up and down the country so please check out the website for more details.

  • I received 2 complimentary tickets but this has not influenced my review in any form.

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