Best Fish and Chips in Bournemouth

best fish and chips in bournemouth

Best Fish and Chips in Bournemouth

When I was in the Bournemouth Tourist information centre I overheard somebody ask “where were the best fish and chips in Bournemouth?”. I earwigged as we were planning on having fish and chips on Bournemouth pier or near the beach but after hearing about Chez Fred we decided to go there. The lady explained how everyone always says they are the best fish and chips in Dorset and she loves them so that was good enough for me. 

Chez Fred is about 10 minutes from Bournemouth town centre in Westbourne, we hopped on a bus and it was definitely worth the visit these have to be one of the best fish and chips I have ever had.

You could also drive as Westbourne was another little town and it looked like it had ample parking. Also it is worth a look around Westbourne as it had some lovely boutique shops.

outside chez fred fish and chip restaurant
Chez Fred Fish and Chip restaurant

Not only is the food delicious but the restaurant is also a nice place to eat and the staff were really wonderful. I even saw two members of staff entertain a baby so her mother could enjoy her fish and chips which I thought was really sweet. 

My friend was really impressed at how clean the toilets were and decorated really nicely it does cater for children and they were high chairs and children colouring packs. I always judge a place on the toilets, if the toilets are not clean I would dread to think what the kitchen is like so this was definitely ticking all the right boxes with me.

clean toilets at Chez Fred
lovely clean bathrooms in Fred Chez Fish and Chips restaurant

We visited during the week at lunch, it was very busy we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table but this did not bother us as the food just looked absolutely amazing. There is a takeaway and this was also quite busy, it looks as though there was a mixture of locals and tourists and it is definitely a popular place to dine.

takeaway fish and chips in bournemouth
The Fred Chez Takeaway section

The décor is fresh and clean and there was a little bit about the history of the place. It is a family run restaurant open since 1989. We asked if they had received many awards as there didn’t seem to be any on the walls and it was explained that the owners are actually part of many judging panels and they also invest so much into the local community and the fishing industry that it might be seemed biased if they also entered for the awards. Probably the real reason is because they would actually win year after year and it wouldn’t be fair on anybody else.

history of chez fred resturant in bournemouth
History of Fred Chez on the walls in the restaurant

There are a few options on the menu obviously it is a fish and chip shop so the best option would be the fish and chips. Another nice touch was the free glasses of water we were given and they even refilled this which doesn’t happen often enough in the UK. It is little things like this that make the dining experience so much nicer.

fish and chip restaurant in bournemouth
The Fish and Chip restaurant was very popular

I had fish chips mushy peas bread and tea it was unlimited chips and tea, you just asked for some more and they brought it over to you. This was great but to be honest you didn’t need any extra as it was already a big portion we also had tartar sauce which was delicious, best I’ve ever had.

I thought it was a little strange that we had a hot baguette with the fish and chips as it should be white bread and butter to make a proper chip butty but we ate the bread before the chips even came out anyway as we were so hungry. We got all this for £8.90 which is great value for the quality of the food.

menu at chez fred
Fred chez menu what would you have?

The fish was absolutely delicious, the batter was crispy and not too greasy and the fish was so meaty and flavoursome. The chips are also tasty, not the best I’ve had but that is my personal preference as I like my chips a bit soggy. Although the fish, tartar sauce and mushy peas definitely made it the best place to visit for fish and chips on the Dorset coast.

best fish and chips in bournemouth
The best fish and chips in Bournemouth by far!!

My friend also agreed with me that they were the best fish and chips she has ever had it is currently ranked number 6 on TripAdvisor is the best restaurant in Bournemouth but it should definitely be number one. Even the tea pots looked happy (I swear this teapot is smiling).

tea in bournemouth
Even the teapots are happy in Fred Chez Fish Restaurant

The service was really quick, they were so friendly and the restaurant even had Wi-Fi and flowers on the tables. You could see the fish and chips being made in the open kitchen and just like many fish and chip shops the smell is just going to make your mouth water. Must be a vinegar thing but as soon as I smell fish and chips I want them.

open kitchen at chez fred in bournemouth
You can watch the food being prepared and cooked in Fred Chez Restaurant

If you are in the Dorset area this is definitely a place you should visit and I would even go back to Bournemouth just to have these fish and chips again.

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