Do I miss my bath : Bathroom to Wet room

Do I miss my bath : Bathroom to Wet room

I was recently commissioned by Bathing Solutions to give my thoughts changing my bathroom into a wetroom which we did earlier this year.

We finally got around to changing our bathroom into an adapted wet room and it has been a few months now and I am so happy with it.

Every now and then I miss the idea of having a bath but since it used to be nearly out of the question of me getting in a bath or rather getting out of the bath, the wet room was and is the best solution for both me and my mum.

I really thought I would miss having a bath more as I mentioned last time there is nothing better than having a pamper evening with a soak in the bath but when I could only manage to have one or two a year then it is not really worth it.

Now I don’t have to worry about slipping in the bath or getting stuck. I did slip last year and it scared me even more about having a bath with my limitations.

The thing that took the time was choosing the interior design for our new wet room. We didn’t want it to look institutionalised as I spend enough time in hospitals I don’t want my house to start looking like one. We only have a small bathroom and no it looks so spacious there isn’t a big bath taking up half the room.

We had a new flooring put in which means no more cold tiles to walk on and we had to have the door widened as part of a recommendation from our local council and occupational therapist. Oh and the best bit is not having to bend down to clean the bath. I clean the tiles and floor with a mop and cloth after each shower and that’s all it needs.

The only thing we still need to get is a mirror and a bathroom cabinet as we just can’t find ones that we like.

In the end we went for greys with a bit of sparkle in the tiles and I love it. I have a chair on one wall so I can sit down and have a shower it sounds like I am 90 years old but it means I don’t have to bend and there is less pressure on my back so now having a shower is not a painful affair.

Our shower head moves up and down so if I do feel like standing up to shower I can. We also have a chrome radiator which makes the bathroom look really stylish I hope it keeps it warm in the winter as our bathroom used to be freezing when the cold weather came.

We have a disabled approved toilet which is the right height for us as it was measured by our occupational therapist who gave the go ahead to all the work we had done. I am so happy with it, gone are the days when I have to wash at the sink now I can have a lovely warm shower and not worry about having to get someone to help me.

It doesn’t look like it belongs in a hospital it is really stylish and we are getting some really positive comments when people come round and see it in fact one of our friends loves it so much they are having their bathroom adapted. I wish we had done it sooner instead of struggling all this time.

If you are looking to get your bathroom adapted Bathing Solutions has some really cool ideas and they can help you with any questions you may have contact them on their website.



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