4 Reasons to visit Bristol

4 Reasons to visit Bristol

Bristol is often overlooked when visiting the UK but it actually has so much history there are lots of exciting things to do in Bristol. Bristol is a colourful city from its street art to its houses.

bristol colourful houses on the harbourside

1. Bristol has great transport networks

Bristol is easy to get to from London so if you are visiting the UK try and add it to your trip and you won’t be disappointed.

Megabus, National Express and National train services means you can be in Bristol in 2 hours from London and if you book early the prices are really low I have paid 50p for a Megabus ticket before but it averages at £3

Once you get to Bristol its easy to get around. The centre is quite traffic congested so I would suggest using public transport. You can buy a bus day ticket for £4.20 and I would recommend downloading the UBer app as this is cheaper than using city taxis.

If you want to stay in Bristol and visit near by places there is a excellent train network for example Bath is less than 20 minutes on the train. Another great way to get around the city is the hop on bus. I had lived in Bristol for 14 years and this bus showed me things I didn’t know we had.

2. Cool places to stay in Bristol

Bristol has some great places to stay depending on your budget. You can stay on a boat, in a caravan on a roof of a hotel or a luxury champagne themed room in the hotel du vin. The best place to stay if you do not have a car would be the city centre so you have access to all the attractions and local transport. If you do have access to a car there are a few country mansions which are beautiful.

Hotel Du Vin – The Sugar House, Narrow Lewins Mead, Bristol, BS1 2NU, United Kingdom

Hotel Du Vin is a luxurious hotel in the heart of the city. It has some amazing rooms I loved the champagne themed one and could see myself staying there drinking a few bottles. They even have rooms with two baths so not squishing two people into a bath here. The food is also great I sampled their afternoon tea which was so delicious and great to have with a fruity cocktail.

double bath in bristol

Brooks Guest House – St Nicholas Street, Bristol, BS1 1UB

This is a top place to stay in Bristol, literally as you can stay on the roof of the hotel in a retro caravan. The décor of this guest house is very quirky and the food served is excellent quality they even have their own vineyard at their sister hotel 

brooks guest house bristol with caravan on roof

Backwell House – Farleigh Road, Backwell, North Somerset, BS48 3QA

This country house is the place to stay if you want to feel like a lady and lord of the manor. It is in excellent grounds minutes away from the city centre but you feel as though you are in the middle of the country side.

The décor again is quirky i loved how they had turned an old suitcase into a sink. They grow their own vegetables which you can eat at dinner and the food is absolutely amazing. Then off to sleep in a luxurious room and one of the rooms even has a bath with a view over the grounds just make sure the gardener isn’t out when your naked!!!

Backwell house is a country house in Bristol this is a old suitcase they have turned into a sink

Kyle Blue Luxury Boat

If there is one place I would love to stay in Bristol, it would be on this boat. It is moored in the Harbour which is a great place to explore.

Hostels in Bristol

There are a number of hostels in Bristol offering cheap basic accommodation. I have heard good things about the Full Moon Backpackers In Bristol. I have not stayed here but have attended the bar for music events and the food and drink is great. There is also a YHA which always has good reports and the Rock and Bowl Hostel. The Rock and Bowl Motel has its own bowling alley and various music events. All three hostels are in perfect city centre locations.

3. Tasty places to eat in Bristol

Bristol has an excellent food scene.

Wapping wharf is a fairly new area on Bristol’s famous harbour side with some cool places to eat. I love the design of this area where some of the eateries are in old shipping containers. The food is amazing in all these places it’s going to be hard for you to decide what to have to eat as there are so many choices.

My favourites are Pigsty where everything on the menu is pork and it even comes with Pigs on their napkins which i just love, and adore Pigs. Its only a small place and does get very busy as it is so popular you have to try a pork board if you go which has a selection of all their popular dishes.

pork selction in bristol

My other favourite is Wild Beer from here you get excellent views of the Matthew Ship and can enjoy tasting their wide range of beers alongside some of their excellent dishes their fish and chips are amazing.

Another great place to eat is St Nicholas market. It’s an indoor market where the smells will hit you when you enter also making it hard to decide where to eat. My favourite place here is Grillstock that do the best pulled pork rolls and you can also find everything from Pies to Turkish cuisine in the market.

So many things to do in Bristol

Bristol has lots of events going on throughout the year. It is best to check Destination Bristol for the latest information. The Bristol Harbour Festival in July and the Balloon Fiesta in August are  some of the key yearly events which are very popular and free.

Bristol is famous for pirates, since Bristol has such a interesting marina history with the harbour and the SS Great Britain there is no surprise it also has its fair share of pirate stories. There is an excellent pirate walk you can do to learn more about Blackbeard and it calls into a famous pub to quench your thirst. I did the walk for a friends birthday and we all dressed up as pirates it was so much fun.

bristol has a famous pirate

Bristol Cathedral is a beautiful piece of architecture in the heart of the city. I love visiting the Catherdral they sometimes have events or exhibitions or you can go and listen to the choir. You can even climb to the roof and get excellent views over the city. Also the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is a great place to visit.

Bristol is well known for its street art with it being home to one of the worlds most famous street artists Banksy. The city also holds a annual street art competition called Upfest and if you visit the city unless you walk around with your eyes shut you will spot some of these great artists work as it’s displayed proudly on the cities buildings. You can do city street art tours where you find out the stories behind the pieces, this was a great tour and I can not wait to do one of their other tours as they are continuously updating them as new pieces of art are displayed in the city.

So I have told you how to get here, where to stay, where to eat and what to do in Bristol what is stopping you coming for a visit


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