Winter Camping UK : Is it too cold?

camping in the UK

Winter Camping UK : Is it too cold?

This was the first year I went camping. I can’t believe I have waited so long as I really loved it and can’t wait to go again. In fact I don’t think I can wait until next summer so I have been researching if I think I would be able to cope with camping in Winter in the UK. I actually think I could as long as it isn’t below freezing or hail stoning I would be fine.

I would love to try some wild camping in Wales sounds so much fun, I have friends that do back to basic camping where the leave all modern technology at home and cook their sausages on a camp fire they do actually have a radio to listen to again something that I think would be so much fun.

To be honest I went camping in the summer when we were having a heat wave and I think it was too hot to camp as my tent felt like a oven and by 6.30 am I needed to get up as it was getting too hot. The next time I went camping again it was supposed to be during a heatwave in the UK but the weather suddenly turned and I ended up camping during a storm. It wasn’t freezing but it was cold and I was lucky that my tent stayed up in the gale as some of the other people camping didn’t have a sturdy tent and didn’t last the night.

So I think that the weather can suddenly change so much in the UK that I am not ruling out getting another camping trip in before the year is out as long as I plan correctly and have the adequate equipment I should be fine.

Tent that is great for British Weather

I have found the tent I want, last two trips I borrowed one but now I think it is time to buy my own. I have been doing quite a bit of research for the perfect tent for my needs.

At first I wanted a pop up style for easy assembly but I kept reading about them having bad condensation as most of them are single skin tents. Then I decided that I wanted one where I could practically stand up in. The first tent I borrowed I had to crawl in and after two days my back was aching so I wanted one with more height. I also wanted one with a porch then if it did rain I might be able to keep most of the wetness out of the main sleeping compartment. I have decided on the Vango Woburn 500, the right height, not too complicated to put up, good reviews on waterproof and spacious in case I take someone with me.

Cold Weather Camping Gear

Did you know that you can get heaters for your tent. I didn’t but how cool (or hot!!) would that be. I always thought camping was about going back to basics but there is actually so much stuff you can get, its better than being in a hotel. Although I might change my mind during the next storm. One thing that I do think I need to get is a electricity cable so I can maybe get a heater or even a fan for the cooler weather, also would be great to have a portable fridge like I had last time (I borrowed it and it kept my beer cold amazing!!)

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It is important to be warm at night time otherwise you are not going to get any sleep so my biggest piece of advise is to invest in a decent sleeping bag, they say on them what weather conditions they are most suitable for so if you are planning on going in the cooler weather you are going to need something to keep you warm. I will also be taking a hat to keep my head warm and some thermal socks.

winter sleeping bag

Clothes for Winter Camping

If you are going to be doing activities such as hiking or even just a ramble than a decent coat is a must. A down jacket would be perfect for when it gets really chilly, they are also lightweight which make them perfect for those winter walks. Simply Hike have some really cool designs so you can also look fashionable as well as keeping warm.

feather down female jacket

It will also be a good idea to have layers so if the weather does change you can put on some extra layers to keep warm. When it got cold during my last camping trip I had some leggings on under my jogging pants to keep me warm.

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Waterproof trousers are useful so if you do get wet at least you can remove them when you get back to your tent and your trousers underneath should still be dry therefore you won’t be sitting around in wet clothes. I think if you are camping it is important to have a few changes of clothes as if they do get wet you are going to want to change into something dry as soon as you can so you don’t catch a chill.

So I am going to go camping when my new tent arrives, I will then let you know if I think its a good idea to go camping in the UK when it is not summer. Hopefully I will still be loving this new found way to holidaying.

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