Why work with a travel blogger

Why work with a travel blogger

  1. Can create content for your brand. This is about creating material to show how great your service is. Which in return can help with your search engine optimization (SEO) – as having more content about your brand on the internet makes you rank higher on google which makes it easier for your brand to be found.
  2. Integration – can get your key messages out there in the world of social media
  3. Immediacy – travel bloggers publish content within weeks of the experience which provides real time marketing opportunities
  4. Online content lasts forever
  5. Trust – travel bloggers have built relationships with their readers, they trust their opinions and recommendations. They want the campaign to succeed as much as you do.
  6. It’s a form of publicity and can reach high levels of audience is done correctly
  7. Can provide pro longed exposure by posting months after the event


Next Steps to start working with a travel blogger

  • It is important to work with a blogger that fits in with your brand and your objectives.
  • Need to set expectations – tell the influencer what you want, is it realistic and can they actually deliver it

o How many tweets o How many Instagram o How many blog posts o Before, during or after event

  • Interact with blogger – it is good to work together o Share and like tweets o comment on posts o Can create hashtags or giveaways to promote visit and coverage o Use the material – share it on social media, put link on website

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