Unique Spa : Unusual therapies from around the World

Unique Spa : The World’s Most Unusual Spa Therapies

After visiting a Spa in Vietnam where the therapists had visual impairments and it being one of the best massages I have ever had, it got me thinking about other Unique Spas around the world. Have you visited a spa that was amazing, I would love to hear about it.

I like trying spa treatments during my travels as it is a great way to revitalise after exerting myself exploring. As I have mentioned before I have mobility issues and one of the problems I suffer with is swelling and pain in my joints after I have been walking so an excellent way to relieve this is a lovely massage.

I always look at spa treatments when I am travelling and try and fit one in and Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in tailor-made wellness holidays worldwide has provided a breakdown of some of the most unusual spa therapies on offer and I have to admit I want to try them all.

Moxibustion Chinese Therapy in Italy: Lefay SPA

How amazing does this Spa look?

lefay resort unique spa

Indulge in the East-meets-West wellness philosophy of this luxury spa retreat overlooking Lake Garda, where you can encounter ‘Moxibustion’, a Chinese therapeutic technique meaning ‘burning herb’. This therapy, however, has nothing to do with smoking recreational ‘herbs’; rather, the burning of mugwort, a small, spongey medicinal herb, on various acupuncture points and energy pathways around the body. For those concerned about combustion, after the ‘moxa’ is placed on the body and lit, it is extinguished and removed before it burns the skin, producing a pleasant heating sensation. This treatment strengthens the blood, stimulates energy levels and boosts the results of other therapies. Once you’ve had your pyromania fix, unwind in Lefay’s salt water lake.

Red & Black Pepper Lipolysis in Greece: Porto Elounda Detox

Offering stunning views across Mirabello Bay in the north-eastern corner of Crete, Porto Elounda is home to the award-winning Six Senses Spa, where you can experience a detoxifying treatment like no other. Using the medicinal properties of red and black pepper to stimulate the breakdown of fatty tissue, this dinner table staple delivers a deeply moisturising and refreshing treatment. A combination of warm and cool techniques is used to tone the skin, followed by a firming massage to increase blood and lymph circulation which stimulates detoxification, to further enhance the treatment’s slimming properties. Finish off with a spirulina wrap and a dip in the thalassotherapy pool to feel thoroughly cleansed, toned and well-seasoned.

Himalayan Heart Stone Massage in Vietnam: Fusion Maia

Discover a tropical spa paradise on Vietnam’s East Coast, where you’ll experience a true sense of tranquillity with Fusion Maia and its range of healing therapies. For a massage with a heartfelt difference, try the Himalayan Heart Stone Massage, a gentle, alkalising therapy using warm heart-shaped salt stones and pomelo oil to promote inner peace. The warmth from the stones will ease tense muscles and soothe aches and pains, while the stones’ positive ions are believed to rid your body of harmful vibrations and clear the air around you. Combine spa treatments with yoga and meditation for a complete mind, body and soul experience at this tropical hideaway.  

fusion maia unique spa in vietnam

Green Coffee Sculpting in Oman: Zighy Bay Sense of De-stress

Discover a whole new world on the Arabian Peninsula of Oman, in a secluded bay surrounded by mountains where the world-class Six Senses Spa awaits with a plethora of top-notch spa offerings. Wake up and smell the green coffee with an energising body treatment focusing on the thighs, waist, tummy and derriere, aimed at breaking down fat cells, stimulating circulation and boosting metabolism. The treatment begins with dry skin brushing, before being massaged with the thermogenic, salon-strength chilli and coffee oil for a caffeine hit to rival your morning java. Put your new-found energy to use as you take part in a variety of outdoor activities available nearby, including mountain biking, diving and paragliding.

Nasal Treatment in India: SwaSwara Ayurveda

Rediscover the simplicity of the earth at this holistic healing retreat nestled in the secluded, unspoilt Indian countryside. The spa focuses on the power of Ayurveda, with an extensive list of internal and external therapies that are not to be sniffed at. One of which is Nasya, an ancient Ayurvedic practice that encourages nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils, to clear sinus congestion and expel toxins from the head and neck region. With the nose being the gateway to the brain, you’ll breathe easy knowing you’re healing your mind as well as your body, as you make the most of the holistic cuisine and advanced Ayurvedic treatments at this inspiring health retreat.

swaswara nasal treatment

This sounds quite strange not sure if I would like things put up my nose. I am going to India in August I wonder if I will be brave enough to try this. Have you ever had anything like this before? However the pool looks beautiful so I think I might go just for that.

swaswara pool

Farm-to-Facial in Italy: Borgo Egnazia Spa

Escape to the untouched region of Puglia and this majestic wellness haven that takes relaxation to another level. A tantalising menu of spa treatments awaits, including their signature ‘Abbel Bel’ treatment (translating to ‘slowly slowly’), that features fresh herbs harvested in Borgo’s kitchen garden. With an ingredients list that reads more like a salad dressing, this “sentimental” treatment for the face combines lemon, mint, sage, rosemary, lavender, almond milk, camellia oil and olive oil to create a facial treatment that nurtures the skin, relaxes the senses, and promotes an overall sense of well-being.  Unleash your inner glow as you experience all that this state-of-the-art luxury spa has to offer, with alternative therapies ranging from music therapy to psycho-aromatherapy.

borgo vair spa

Eye Therapy in Nepal: Ananda Rejuvenation

Retreat to the mountains and discover the serenity of this wellness sanctuary based at the Himalayan foothills. The spa at Ananda integrates the traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda with contemporary western approaches, ensuring a truly unique spa experience.

For a real eye-opener, try ‘Akshi Tarpana’, an ayurvedic treatment that involves applying ghee to the eyes to treat eye disorders or simply revive tired eyes. Whilst lying down, a ‘ring’ of flour paste is formed around the eyes into which medicated ghee is then gently poured, followed by intermittent opening and closing of the eyes. After treating the windows to your soul, turn your attention inwards with a variety of holistic wellness activities, including Yoga, Pranayama and meditation.

ananda unique spa

Colour Therapy in Malaysia: The Banjaran Rejuvenation

Set amongst tropical jungle and limestone hills, the Banjaran is an acclaimed 5* hideaway, famed for its extensive wellness offerings. Here you can experience Chromotherapy, a technique using colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that encourage greater health and harmony. By cultivating the frequencies of individual colours to balance and re-shape the energy in our bodies, a greater level of physical and spiritual healing can be achieved. A blue light can promote relaxation and calm whilst aiding the recurrence of headaches and nervous tension, whilst pink eliminates impurities in the blood. Once you’ve discovered your favourite colour, head for the green, with luscious jungle, Japanese gardens and a world-class golf course all nearby.

banjaran treatment

Chavutti Thirumal Massage in St Lucia: BodyHoliday De-Stress

Find your bliss at this leading St Lucian wellness retreat designed to maximise well-being and improve health. Whilst having someone walk all over you may not seem like therapy, this ancient Indian massage technique releases muscular tension, stretches the body and improves circulation and energy flow, and is perfect for those who enjoy deep tissue massage. Also known as Indian rope massage, the therapist holds onto a rope above their head for balance and to adjust pressure, while using their feet to deliver a stronger, deeper massage. Take a step in the right direction to finding calm, with a range of holistic therapies and activities, including Reiki, craniosacral therapy and sunset meditation.

body holiday spa

Anja Light Therapy in Thailand: Phuket Cleanse

For a life-changing wellness holiday, look no further than Phuket Cleanse on the tropical island of Phuket, where you’ll find a range of therapies to detox the body and relax the mind. Anja Light Therapy uses dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to induce deep meditative states; a state usually only obtained by meditative experts such as Buddhist monks and Shamans. As you explore the depths of your perception, develop clarity and direction, reduce stress and anxiety, and cultivate a more profound connection with a broader reality. You might even be lucky enough to experience out-of-body and astral projections. Once you’ve come back to earth, hit the ground running with a series of fitness activities, including kickboxing, beach boot camps and TRX training.


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17 thoughts on “Unique Spa : Unusual therapies from around the World”

  1. I haven’t done any of these spa treatments. However, cleaning the nostrils with a neti pot is quite a common practice now. You can even pick up neti pots with saline solution in pharmacies. I guess it’s crossed over into the mainstream.

  2. The Lefay Spa in Italy looks like the set from Beowolf when Angelina Jolie is in the water. The Porto Elounda Detox spa in Greece sounds wonderful with views over Mirabello Bay. The Fusion Maia in Vietnam sounds good for me as it promotes inner peace and rids the body of harmful vibrations. The nasal treatment at the SwaSwara Ayurveda in India looks interesting, it will be interesting to see how you get on with that one when you visit India, the idea that the nose is the gateway to the brain does make sense but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing what the guy in the picture is doing! The Phuket Cleanse with the fitness activities sounds a good one for me too.

  3. The color therapy in Malaysia sounds fun! I bet it would be very relaxing! I went to a spa in China where little fish ate the dead skin off my feet. That’s the most exotic thing I’ve done in a spa environment. Looks like I need to try some of these out!

  4. I did that too it took me ages to put my feet in the water as I am so squimish

  5. What a unique and entertaining list. I have to agree that there are so many Spa treatments across the world, since that is also big business, sometimes one of the other really makes you take a double take. The nasal treatment in India I am aware of, but it was the colour therapy that really perked my interest. Will have to check it out some day.

  6. This post gives such good ideas for a spa day. I’d totally go for Himalayan Heart Stone Massage. Everything in Vietnam and Himalaya region seems extra special. Such a great read 🙂 I feel relaxed already!

  7. With your first comment about the visually impaired masseuse in Vietnam giving you the best massage you have had it made me think about what people say that if you lose one sense, the other become heightened. In this case their increased sense of touch may just give them insight into how to interact physically with others. As for the treatments, I’m not going to say I would like to try all of them, but with my love for coffee it would be hard to pass up spa in Oman.

  8. Amazing post about all the different spa’s. I love spa’s and I miss them when I am travelling on a budget. The Moxibustion Chinese Therapy in Italy looks like a beautiful relaxing cave experience. The nasal treatment I think I would skip, although it must be a good new experience.

  9. I live in Italy and I didn’t even have any idea that we have such a wonderful spa near Lake Garda! Acupunture scares me a little, but sometimes you feel that stressed out that one of these treatments would work like magic! The one that inspires me the most? The Stone Massage! I’ve heard so much about it and yet I still haven’t tried it! I bet it’s wonderful!

  10. There are some really strange options here! I had a massage in Thailand and they massaged my boobs, I thought that was strange! This list is something else though!

  11. I would just like to go to the spa after reading your list! I can’t even decide which I like best. They are unique and luxurious in their own ways. I need to put most of these to my wishlist!

  12. Lovely set of massages. Have tried a few. Liked the red and black pepper. I am a spa fan and you have given me choices. Great post. Thanks for sharing

  13. I’m a sucker for a good spa treatment. Especially when I’m off travelling. These spa treatments look and sound beyond amazing. I’d love to try a relaxing spa treatment in that cave.

  14. Oh my word. I would love to visit all of these spas! I have traditionally only indulge in pampering myself when traveling in Asia because you can be practically guaranteed quality at a fraction of the price back in Australia – but looking at these resorts, I think a full spa-inspired holiday should be something everyone does at least once in their lives!

  15. I enjoyed reading your post because I like massages, spa, therapy, and any form that would relax the body. I would like to experience everything on your list except the nasal treatment in India. I do not like the idea of putting something in my nose but it is just me. If a friend of mine wants to do this, I am okay with it.

  16. I like the sound of the visually impaired people giving massages – a great opportunity for them to work in a role where sight isn’t needed and also their awareness of touch is probably heightened! Every single one of these sounds incredible but I think a deep tissue massage in St. Lucia would be the one for me!

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