UK Wine Club : Do you want to be a member of this secret exclusive club?

UK Wine Club

Are you a member of a wine club? It sounds like the sort of club I would like to join. I like to support local companies and this wine club is based not far from my home town in Wiltshire.

The Secret Wine Society enables its members to buy wine at cost price.

“Most of our wines are not readily available in the UK except to club members, they are however sometimes found in high end restaurants and some small specialist independent wine merchants. You will not find these wines in Supermarkets or large High Street wine merchants.

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Unlike many wine clubs that offer great savings or heavily discounted wines, you never know the true savings, but with The Secret Wine Society you see all the costs and the true value of the wines with total transparency. They offer a complete and competitive range of exceptional wines only available to club members at cost price.

The wines start at around £6 and most will be under £12 to Club Members which is great value for money as a lot of the UK wine clubs I have seen prices are much higher.

The secret wine society is dedicated to delivering excellent wines and service, and forming long-term relationships with members. They buy all their wines direct from the vineyard and cut out the middlemen saving you on average 39% off your wine. 

Our promise to you is to offer an excellent service and more importantly great wines at great value with total transparency.”

They have access to over a 1000 fine wines of which they will select the best at different price points. Offering members an unparalleled portfolio in terms of quality, range, originality, experimentation and value for money, ensuring that members get only Damn Fine Wines at COST price.”

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  • You pay an annual subscription of £250 which gives you access to our wine catalogue at cost. Thats less than £21 a month before additional promotions!
  • Alternatively you can spread the payments for just £25 a month. less than a £1 a day.
  • Each month we will source different wines for you to purchase, by the case at, membership cost price.
  • Each month we will send you an email with a selection of different and exciting wines.
  • We show you full transparency of all purchasing costs broken down by vineyard cost, duty, freight and VAT.
  • Our catalogue breaks down the pricing and shows you the true retail value as well as savings.
  • Giving members true savings on average of £7.50 a bottle or 39% across the board and more often greater.

You don’t have to change your spending habits, you just get far better quality wine because you buy at COST price

If you would like more details about this Secret wine club here is the website.

I think I might join a wine club when I return from my next trip as I am turning into a bit of a wine connoisseur as my taste buds are maturing with age. I would like to support a company such as this secret wine society as they are based in Wiltshire which is local to my home town of Bristol. 

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