Travel Massive Bristol meeting

Travel Massive meeting Bristol

When I tell people I am a travel blogger some of the comments I get are hilarious.

“You mean you like going on holiday?”   

“So you got this trip for free”

“Don’t write anything bad about me”

I was attending my first Travel Massive Bristol event and when I mentioned it to people, again I got some wonderful comments

“There are other travel blogger in Bristol?”  

“Why do you want to meet other blogger?”

The answer is yes there are lots of bloggers in Bristol from lifestyle blogging to other travel bloggers and yes of course I want to meet other bloggers, I need to learn from these people as I’m still new to this.

Plus, it’s a great networking opportunity to meet Bristol Organisations who are looking to work with bloggers.

So off I went to Underfall yard on Bristol Harbourside to meet these guys, I admit I was a little nervous its still quite daunting for me as I’m really new to blogging and have so far to go until I’m anywhere near the standards of these people.

Luckily it was a beautiful evening although it was drizzling a bit it held off any major rain. The water area where the boatyard is, is lovely I can’t believe I have never been here before. travel massive meeting bristol

The visitors centre was hosting this meeting and we were greeted with a complimentary drink. I had an organic beer that was delicious I had to have another one, it was a hot evening, I needed to keep hydrated!!! travel massive meeting bristol beer

The centre is only 2.5 months old but it’s a great place to have a spot of lunch in the pickles café where the food looked amazing or just look at the exhibitions they have on display. I learnt so much about Bristol that I never knew and they are interactive which means it will be great for kids.

travel massive bristol

Everyone made me feel welcome especially Heather Cowper from and Jane Batt from practicallyperfectmums. I met some local businesses that hopefully I met get to work with in the future. Tina Altwegg from Where the wall which provides tours on Bristol street art, I don’t have a clue about art so this would be really interesting. Also Jane from Bristol tandem hire told me about how easy it is to ride a tandem, think it might be a laugh since I can’t remember how to ride a bike. travel massive bristolAlso it is a small world as I was chatting to another Bristol travel blogger Keri co-editor from ladies what travel  we both thought we had heard of each other and today a collaboration post was published and we were both involved in that, funny thing is the actual writer of that post is from the Netherlands.

Anyway I’ve attended my first meeting, I am now going to have the guts to attend more so if you happen to be at the next travel massive meet up come and say hello to me, I will be the one at the bar!!!

Disclaimer – I received a complimentary beer during this visit but its didn’t influence my opinion in any way

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