3 Top places to camp in the UK


3 Top places to camp in the UK

I am so excited to be going camping for the first time ever. I have bought my tent and a few bits and pieces and will be going camping in Dorset with some friends. Summer is here and this is the time where many of you will be planning your getaways to faraway lands, but sometimes it’s the simple things in life that we often overlook that can make us the happiest.

The UK is so well known for its capital city that many foreign visitors simply come to visit London, as it dominates and overshadows the rest of the UK. Indeed, so many people are searching for things such as a London Tower Bridge guide that people don’t think to even look at what’s on offer outside of London.

Similarly, for those that live in the UK, many people opt for the sunnier shores of places such as Spain, Greece and Portugal with little interest in squeezing the most out their own country.

camping in the UK

In summary, residents and tourists alike rarely take the time to venture out of the city and into the phenomenal countryside on offer – despite the fact you can reach most places of natural beauty within an afternoon’s car journey from anywhere in the UK.

That said, there is a recent trend sweeping the nation which is that of free camping.  Now, this isn’t just about doing something on the cheap – it’s about setting up camp in the middle of the wilderness, without the organisation and relative comfort of campsites… it’s for those that really want to go off the grid and take some time out to reconnect with nature.

Indeed, this way of travelling can be a very healing journey, as it allows you to reconnect with nature, slow down, and enjoy the moment you are in – from the feel of the wind on your face to the sound of birds chirping, and is therefore a great place to practice mindfulness meditation.  

Whilst the idea of camping in a tent might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wellness travel, it can certainly offer a refreshing change that is conducive to healing.

Here are three top picks for England, Scotland and Wales.


I am off to Bedruthan at the end of the month, not camping but will still get to see these amazing views over the cliffs.

These awe inspiring cliffs that wouldn’t be a miss on the dramatic Australian coastline, with clear blue waters (often filled with surfers) and soft white sand backed against a dramatic clifftop is a great place to visit.  It’s located in a remote location between Newquay and Padstow, and whilst Bedruthan Steps is owned by the National Trust (meaning you can’t camp there) there are plenty of places nearby to set up your tent; though it’s recommended to bring a torch if you’re walking around at night, as you could very easily fall down the sheer cliff drop with a wrong turn.

camping in cormwall view over cornish cliffs


The Cairngorms National Park is home to a cluster of huge mountains, many of which are over 4000ft.  You’ll need to take care if climbing and camping in this area, particularly if the weather conditions are poor, which they often are in Scotland, but with the right weather you’ll benefit from an exceptional view where the mountains stretch for miles in all directions.  

As with all of Scotland, you are legally allowed to wild camp practically anywhere, so wherever you find a place that looks good to you, just pitch up.

camping in scotland view of scottish mountains


The adventurous outdoor playground of the Brecon Beacon, in Wales is where a number of elite military forces, including the Gurkhas and Royal Marines undertake their wilderness training.  This area is also great for mountain bikers and is one of the most prolific places to watch stars in the UK; indeed, you could head up onto Rhos Dirion for a summit sleep or pitch up alongside the river and nobody is going to mind in this area.

camping in wales view over wales hills

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