Stencil Art classes in Bristol

Stencil Art classes in Bristol

Bristol is known for its street art after being the home town of the famous Banksy. But the city has so many other great artists on display. I did a cool street art tour of the city hosted by Where the Wall. To see some of the street art we saw check out my Bristol Street Art Post.

Bristol street art

This is my favourite stencil art in Bristol

Before the tour I knew little about street art and didn’t even realise that stencils were used. After the tour I appreciated what the city was offering and now every time I go out I look out for any street art. Not only in Bristol but I seek it out in other places I visit.

Where the wall are doing some street art stencil classes in the centre of Bristol, at The Island, located on Nelson Street. Its for any age and all abilities. I do not have a artistic bone in my body so it would be interesting to see what I could create, I bet it would be worth a fortune.

stencil art classes in bristol

They have various dates check the website for more details but if your looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon this looks great fun.

All of the materials are supplied by Where the wall, so you can concentrate on creating perfect stencil art. You can even design and cut your own stencil there is the opportunity to do this also.

Gift certificates can be purchased for the budding artist you might like to treat.

Information provided by Where the Wall

Originally posted in 2017 and updated in 2019


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