You can never have too many Pyjamas

You can never have too many Pyjamas

I am quite obsessed at the moment with buying two items, duvet covers and pyjamas. Maybe because it is cold outside and I am like a little hermit and I just want to stay inside and be cozy but I just cant help myself.

So I jumped at the chance to review some PJ’s from The Pyjamas Factory.

When I am not travelling I must admit I spent a lot of time in my PJs it is my uniform, I don’t see the point in getting dressed if I am not leaving the house or expecting visitors, I take being comfortable any time of the day.

batman pjs

Photo Credit : The Pyjamas Factory

I never used to wear pyjamas I favoured a nightie, mainly because I used to get tangled in up pyjamas as I toss and turn a lot but when I first got diagnosed with cancer and had to spend time in hospital pyjamas were the best option and now there is no going back.

It is good job I am single as I dont go for the sexy lingerie options but prefer baggy comfortable and normally cute pyjamas I am like a big kid.

family pyjamas

Matching family PJs : image credit pyjama factory

I have over 20 pairs, I might wear them everyday when I am not travelling but it is not as if I am sitting at home in dirty clothes as I change them nearly everyday so I need lots of pairs. I don’t think you can have too many pairs of pyjamas and I will carry on buying more.

The pyjama factory have kids, men’s and women’s pyjamas. I liked the option that the women’s went up to size 24 and the sizes are generous so perfect for the plus size pyjamas lovers like me. I like my PJs to be baggy so they are comfortable but not so they fall down all the time. The designs I got for myself fitted well I am a size 20-22 and they were fine. However, there a slight issue with the worlds best mum size 22-24 these are not a true sizing and didnt even fit me they would better suit a size 18

I am really impressed with the quality of the pyjamas as I was concerned that they were cheap so would be poor quality but I was surprised. I am not going to subject you to pictures of me wearing them as to be honest I am not looking my best at the moment so here are some snaps I took whilst I was actually still in bed lol, well it is snowing outside so thats my excuse.

I chose a pair for my mum with the worlds best mum on to do a bit of creeping, it can’t hurt to stay in her good books. Unfortunately they were a little too small and since that was the largest size they went up to she wont be able to wear them until I starve her a little.

world best mum pjs

I chose a pair for my Asia trip next month, a pair with shorts for the hot weather and I can’t wait to wear them, in the mean time I got some to wear now.

minnie and mickey pjs

The Eeyore PJs are so cute and I love them. These pyjamas are really good value for money and I will be buying more from this site as they have so many more designs which I just love.

eeyore pjs

The website is also really easy to use, pyjamas divided into categories so you can find the perfect pair for all of the family. They have a sale on where some pairs are as cheap as £4.99 so guess what all my friends are getting for their birthday this year!!! They also have dressing gowns and slippers the perfect match for PJ’s

slippers from Pyjama factory

Image credit : Pyjama Factory

I received some pyjamas so I could give a realistic opinion of the Pyjamas factory and have to say I love them and recommend.

Image Credit : Pyjama Factory

Image Credit : Pyjama Factory

minnie pjs

Image Credit : Pyjama Factory

eeyore adult pyjamas

Image Credit : Pyjamas Factory


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