Baker Days : Personalised cakes through your letterbox


Baker Days : Personalised cakes through your letterbox

I got to try a lovely little cake from Baker Days for my birthday. When I first saw they were looking for reviewers for a letter box cake I thought why would anyone want a cake with a letter box. I was going to reply, that my dad used to be a postman, so I would quite like cake with a letter box on…. then my brain clicked that it meant it fitted through the letterbox.

blowing out my birthday cake

Ordering online is simple and can be done through the website or there is a telephone number if you would prefer to speak to someone directly.

There are a lot of different cake designs to choose from and you can personalise them with names and pictures. It can be for any celebration from Birthday to an Anniversary or just to cheer somebody up because lets face it at the end of the day who doesn’t really like cake.

list of types of cakes on baker days

There is the option for different sizes the cheapest being a 5 inch at £14.99 to a 12 inch at £57.99.

There is also the option of different flavours including traditional sponge, lemon drizzle, rich chocolate chip, can’t decide how about half chocolate half sponge. They also cater for some dietary requirements with a gluten wheat free sponge and diary free sponge.

I chose a traditional sponge with a design, so I could add my picture as I wanted to see the quality of how the photo would turn out and I was really impressed.

baker day birthday cak

I was told the date that it would be delivered, and I had to change the day as I was going away and they did this hassle-free and it arrived exactly on the day I expressed.

The box it is delivered in says that it can be posted through the letterbox, but my courier still knocked on the door as the box was inside some more packaging. I did try the box through the letterbox, and it did fit. The cake arrived in perfect condition as there was some polystyrene packaging in the box to protect it. It also came with a little card with a printed message.

baker day letter box

Even though these are quite pricey for cakes, it is good for the convenience of having something delivered to somebody and I like the fact that they do not have to be in. There is nothing worse than sending a gift to somebody and they’re not in and then they must go and collect it from a Post Office as I know this annoys me when I then have to go out to collect something.

The cake lasts for about 3 weeks I ate it a week after it had been delivered and it still tasted fresh my 5-inch cake fed 4 people. I really did like the flavour and the icing wasn’t too sweet or sugary. There are so many designs go and have a look and choose your favourite.

Thank you to Baker Days for letting me try one of your cakes it was delicious and if any other cake companies want me to try theirs I really dont mind!!


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