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Men : Packing for Your UK Holiday

The UK is a great travel destination. It is rich in history, has numerous well-developed tourist areas and offers a very friendly welcome to visitors. The transport network is comprehensive and it is a country that caters to everyone, almost regardless of their interests.


You can go hiking or enjoy other outdoor activities in one of its many national parks. Or, if you prefer, take a city break, visit some historical sites or go crazy in one of the country’s theme parks. The choice is yours.

All you need to do is to pack the right gear to be able to enjoy everything that this diverse country has to offer. Here is a quick roundup of what you will need, all of which can easily be bought from places like Jacamo.

Warm weather clothing

The UK is not normally considered a sunny destination. However, it does get very warm. This year, 2018, much of the UK went 55 days without rain. In much of the country, the temperatures were 30C+ for days on end.

Most summers in the UK are not as sunny as that. But, if you are going to be there for a week or two during the summer months, you should go prepared for at least some warm days.

So, you should pack at least one pair of shorts, and maybe three t-shirts. That way you can wear one t-shirt, have one drying and a spare to hand, just in case.


Any footwear you take with you should allow your feet to breathe. Packing sandals can work out OK. But, during a typical year, you are likely to experience a wet day or two, even in the summer months. So, packing a pair of trainers or boots that are made from some sort of breathable material is usually a better option than sandals.

shoes for travelling in the uk

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For travelling, in the UK, jeans are a good option. Practically everyone wears them, so you will not look out of place wearing yours. However, it is also worth packing a pair of smart trousers.

There are still a few places where jeans are against the dress code. For example, if you want to enjoy afternoon tea at The Ritz you will not get in if you are wearing jeans. Here is their full dress code.

Image by Jacamo

Image by Jacamo


The fact that the UK weather is so variable means that it is wise to pack a multi-layer coat. One that has a warm inner and showerproof or waterproof shell is ideal. That way on dry days you can just wear the inner layer and pop the waterproof outer coat into your backpack to wear, should it suddenly rain.

Image by Jacamo

Image by Jacamo


At all times of the year, a light jumper or cardigan is a good idea. In the colder months pack another, slightly thicker one. Ideally, you want to be able to wear one jumper over the other. That way, even if it is freezing outside, you should be able to stay warm enough.

Image by Jacamo

Image by Jacamo

The right luggage to put it all in

OK, so that covers what you need to take with you. All you need is a decent case or another type of bag to put it all in. This post on The Best Travel Luggage, can help you to buy the best kind for your trip.

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