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Oriana Spa

One of the best thing about sea days on a cruise are the spa treatments. They are more expensive than at home but when you are on holiday it’s nice to have a treat. My favourite treatments are massages and normally the spa price list is one of the first things I check out so I can plan what I’m going to have.

I wish I had an endless pot of gold and then I would try all the treatments available but since I’m not so fortunate I tend to go for a nice foot massage. However, whilst recently on board recently I was lucky to have some on board credit to try a few spa treatments on the Oriana and I didn’t let it go to waste

Tip: Keep an eye out in the daily programs for special offers.

Don’t forget that 10% service charge is added they do say this is optional but you are asked quite loudly and it would be a bit embarrassing to say no. It might not sound a lot but if you are paying £80 for a massage it’s an additional £8 and it all adds up so just be aware.

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Ladies Pamper Party

This is like a presentation done by the spa team. I have been to a few now and they all seem to be very similar.

We all did our own mini facial. Some of the ladies were not impressed as they had a face of makeup but others loved it. It’s a good way of passing the time on a sea day and get to use some of the nice products they use when you have a facial in the spa.

spa treatment on the oriana

The spa team explaining the products and treatments on offer. A passenger has a facial demonstrated on her

Eye lash tint

I’ve always wanting to have this done for some time. Due to being a redhead my lashes are quite fair and I hate wearing mascara in hot climates so the perfect opportunity to try this. I spoke to the beautician who gave me a patch test 24 hours before. I explained how I had sensitive eyes and she was excellent saying the slightest irritation and she would wash it off.

I didn’t feel anything untoward and she even gave me a nice hand massage whilst the dye was working which was a bonus. The girl that did my treatment was really friendly and interacting more than any of the other girls in the salon. Even if you saw her around the ship she was bubbly and chatty and always said hello.

I loved the finished look and will defiantly now be investing more in this treatment rather than mascara 

Cost: £20

spa treatment on the oriana

Waiting area in the Spa

Hair Salon

I didn’t have time to get my haircut before this trip and it was starting to grow wild so was in need of some rescuing. I spoke to the hairdresser and asked her if she could try and sort my mop out and she looked a bit scared at this challenge but she took it on and I was really impressed with the outcome.

From what I can gather from my various visits to the spa there were two hairdressers a female and a male. They both seemed so young, I am getting old as anyone below 30 is now looking young to me. I am only 35 or is it people just looking younger in general now.

Whilst having my hair cut the captain came in for a trim, I was thinking if the captain gets his hair cut here then it must be good but then I realised he is a bit short of options of where he can go.

The hairdresser did try to get me to buy the products at the end but at £30 for a bottle of moose I passed on that. I was a bit shocked at the price as I tend to spend £15 having my hair cut at home but it really needed doing.

Cost: £45

Mud massage

The only time the therapist talked to me was at the end when she was trying to get me to buy the mud and gel which was ridiculously expensive. 

It wasn’t until the last night on the cruise that someone mentioned they had a spa room where you could use hot hydro beds. The lady was in a wheelchair and suffering really bad pains and said it helped her wonders. I’m gutted this was never mentioned when I visited the spa. I have later noticed that it was on the price list. I visited the spa and explained I was blogging about spa treatments it still wasn’t mentioned so I don’t have any pictures or have any reviews or even know where it was.

The spa team were seen around the ship trying to promote events. I was never approached and I was a keen candidate for a deal. All they had to say to me “it was a special offer” and I probably would have booked it.

Cost: £15 a daily special

spa treatment on the oriana

Fire and Ice Pedicure

This is the 2nd time I have had this treatment the first was on the Aurora.

It was a mixture of cooling gels and hot stones. A lovely treatment but could have done with more massaging as it did feel rushed. It didn’t actually last 60 minutes more like 45 which is a bit disappointing. I know it’s only 15 minutes but when it says it is going to last 60 this is what you expect.

Cost: £47 for 60 minutes

spa treatment on the oriana

The only reason I tried so many different spa treatments was having some on board credit as normally I wouldn’t have this many on one trip. However I do look out for the special offers in the daily programs and would try anything if I thought I was getting a bargain.

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10 thoughts on “Oriana Spa : I love a spa treatment at sea”

  1. Some of these look great! I’m not a huge spa person because for some reason I just can’t stay still during these types of things but I would maybe reconsider for that mud massage! Looks like you had an amazing time 🙂

  2. Ah I love spas and spa treatments! This sounds so relaxing! I haven’t tried mud massage though so that’s something I will be on the lookout for next time I head to a spa!

  3. It’s interesting to know what you women get up to on spa days! I am also getting into the late thirties, I agree with you about feeling old! Hopefully all this spa treatment will keep you looking young!

  4. I’ve never been on a cruise and always sort of wondered what went on when the ship isn’t docked. Some of these treatments sound wonderful! The fire and ice pedicure in particular seems very interesting.. and the price of the mud massage a lot less than I would have thought!

  5. It looks like they had a great selection of spa services on the Oriana! I never realized that cruise ships had spa treatments available but I bet after a long day of exploring it would be nice to come back to that! I also have never had a mud massage, but I’d be curious to try that!

  6. Looks like you really pampered yourself! I’m always amazed at how many amenities & services there are on cruises (I’ve never been on one). Do you know how long the eye lash tint lasts? I don’t like bringing make-up when I travel so maybe this would be a good option.

  7. it lasted about 4 weeks but not sure if that’s less time as I still got stumpy lashes or if its normal but definitely better than wearing mascara no more panda eyes for me

  8. I looove spa treatments! I burst out laughing when you said the captain must come to the hairdressers because it’s good. Oh wait! There is nowhere else to go! Hahaha! It’s a shame they didn’t tell you about all the facilities and didn’t try to use you being there to their full exposure and best reviews. Perhaps they didn’t really realize you were going to write about them directly lol? Anyway, I love reading honest and raw reviews like this one, so well done!

  9. The mud massage sounds lovely. I’m quite picky with spa treatments as I feel like a lot of the trendy treatments have more of a placebo effect than an actual effect. But the classic treatments – as well as the mud massage – sounds great.

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