Learn Spanish in Madrid

Learn Spanish in Madrid

After recently posting about speaking a second language it has got me thinking about learning a language abroad. I personally think this would be the best way for me to learn a language as if I was in the actual country, not only would I be having a lovely time abroad but I would be hearing the language from native speakers.

I would love to be able to speak Spanish. I have tried a number of occasion to learn by buying Spanish language books, learn a language CDs, using learn Spanish apps and even listening to Spanish films to see what I can pick up.

It is no good nothing seems to stay in my head unless it is food related. I have managed to remember most of the food items so at least I know what I am eating when I am in a Spanish destination. 

I find when I visit a Spanish speaking country that I can understand some words, I can read more than I can speak and I think it is a confidence thing as I mentioned in my last post I feel silly speaking a foreign language incase I make mistakes and also getting the acent thing right.

learn spanish

Learn Spanish Abroad

I have been looking at attending Spanish language schools in Spain. It is not too far from the UK and I will be able to explore the city I chose when I am not in the school. I will be able to go about daily life listening to Spanish, reading Spanish signage and hopefully this will make the language stick in my head.

Plus if I can meet other people learning the language and we go out together I think it will give me more confidence as I wont be the only one trying to speak Spanish.

language school

Spanish School in Madrid

I think if i was going to go abroad to learn Spanish then I would like to attend a Spanish School in Madrid. I have visited Madrid a few years ago and it was one of the Spanish cities I actually found hard travelling alone and not speaking the language. Therefore I chose Madrid as I know there is a lot of Spanish speakers and during my last visit they didnt automatically revert to English for me which means I will have to put more effort in and not take the easy option.

In fact it did put me off Madrid and I dont want to sound like an idiot by complaining “they speak Spanish in Spain” but I think I have been spoilt by visiting Spanish resorts that have a lot of English speakers.

I remember ordering something on a menu and I did it in Spanish which I was really proud of. I was starving and what I had ordered wasn’t what I thought it would be and it turned out to be a dry piece of bread with a lump of cheese and it cost me quite a bit as I was in a really popular square.

I also encountered another problem with a meal I had ordered and it was chicken and the chicken didnt look cooked and I couldn’t explain it to the waiter and I got all frustrated as he didnt speak English. I swore that day I was going to learn Spanish so I could respond to them.

Tips for picking the right Language School

Choose which language you want to learn and go to a native speaking country to learn it. You can visit nearly any country and learn a language but why go to France to Learn Italian. You are going to get so much more out of it going to a native speaking country as you can go out and put what you are learning into practice.

Choose the right level course. If you are a beginner then choose a beginner course otherwise you will struggle and not enjoy the experience. The courses are normally divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. The same for advanced if you can already speak the language do not go below your level otherwise you will not get anything out of the course.

Choose how many hours you want to commit to. If you know you only want to go a few hours per day then choose a course that does this otherwise you will not commit to the whole course and it will ruin your experience.

Exploring Madrid

So if I head to Madrid to learn Spanish I can also re visit the sights as there is so much to see in Madrid. I wasn’t blogging last time I visited Madrid and I dont actually remember much about city so I would like to go back to see some of the most popular attractions.

As normal I would do the hop on bus as I find these a great way of getting around a city. I would like to go to the Royal Palace of Madrid. I dont know much about the Spanish Royal Family but the Palace looks beautiful and I love exploring buildings like this, it is the largest Palace in Europe so I am sure there will be lots of antiques and painting to look at.

Royal Palace in Madrid

Royal Palace in Madrid

Rastro Market also looks a cool place to visit. It is a large open air flea market that is full of colour and you can pick up most things from CDs to Souvenirs.

Retiro Park would be a great place to sit and relax whilst tying to absorb some of the Spanish, it would be great to sit in this park and watch the locals go about their daily life.

Retiro Park

Retiro Park Boating Lake

Where to Stay in Madrid

Madrid has a accommodation to fit everyone’s needs and budgets. You can choose from many hotels in Madrid, Hostels or how about doing a home stay and stay with a Spanish family to really get the experience of your trip.

So if you are going to go and learn a language then how about going abroad to do it I think it will be the best way to learn.

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