Introduction to Yoga from an Yoga Fanatic

Introduction to Yoga from an Yoga Fanatic

Before my trip to India where I was staying at the Indian Summer House in Kerala which is a luxury villa offering Yoga I wanted to find out more about Yoga.

I have never tried this exercise as it actually looks a little intimidating getting into the yoga poses, I am not the most flexible of people so am a little concerned about how I am going to cope with 5 days of yoga. I am not quite sure I will be doing this type of yoga pose as I a little scared I would get stuck. 

trying yoga for the first time

However, I want to try it, I have read the Dummies guide to Yoga, I think I know a little about what to expect. I hope that doing some yoga is going to give me some health benefits as I hear that it is very good for joint pain which I suffer from.

Anyway, I thought it might be best to find out a little bit more about this form of exercise that I know nothing about. Who better to ask some questions to than my friend and fellow travel blogger, Jacomijn from Safe and Healthy Travel who is often sharing pictures of her doing yoga poses in the most beautiful places around the world.  

What got you into yoga?

I started doing yoga because of pains in my neck area. I was in an accident when I was 15 years old and probably had a whiplash. At that time they didn’t know about that so I was never treated for it. Almost 20 years later my neck was totally stuck and I had a lot of headaches and I even got migraines. And then I discovered Yoga! It helps loosen up my neck and I really like the challenge it gives me! Every now and then I see a new pose and I get challenged to go for it. And in between my neck is good. Only when some stress comes in my life I feel my neck coming up and I start to do more yoga.

learning about yoga before i go on a yoga retreat

What benefits do you personally feel from doing yoga?

Personally, I love to I see that my body gets better at it. I use muscles I didn’t even know I had.
Some poses I don’t feel I even have the strength to do it…or the flexibility. But then, with the right technique, I do get it and I can do them and that makes me want to practise more to get it into a nice pose for pictures too! That makes me feel great!! Also as I mentioned above my neck is the main reason why I started it but for now it is just a side thing. Most of the time I don’t do it to loosen up my neck. I challenge myself doing poses I wouldn’t think I could and I’m slowly getting there… I love it!!

Also seeing the world from upside down makes you see things differently. It is a process that goes on inside your head. I really think it is a great way of not thinking about things but still processing them…and in the end, you’ll get an answer without searching for it. It’s a sort of meditation, you’ll be focussing on something (muscles and relaxation in a pose) and you’ll be thinking of nothing else. That gives your mind the space it needs to process things and that helps you move on.

What is your favourite yoga position?

For years already I’m trying to do a steady handstand (Adho Mukha Vrkasana) for let’s say 5 whole seconds…. Still not steady but to get there I can do a wobbly handstand for a couple of seconds and doing it on daily bases. I also love the headstand, that one is steady and I love the shapes it makes in, for instance, a sunset!! But my goal is doing a scorpion (Vrschikasana), the shape of that is wonderful!! I need to stretch a lot more to get in that pose.

finding out about yoga

Have you ever been to a yoga retreat?

Unfortunately not. I have had one lesson while I was in Kerala, I’ve got a blogpost about yoga inspiration. I am a YouTuber and books yogi.. I think I have had 5 lessons in total.. But I’ve got a lot of teachers that inspire me.

Read more about Yoga Retreats 

Inspiring others to try yoga

The more I do yoga and share my short clips of me stumbling on 🙂 And taking pictures of the most beautiful spots in this world people are starting to join me. People are suggesting spots or poses and are trying to do it too. I love that!! I love to inspire people and to see them starting to move…practice and enjoy themselves too!! Most of the time they find out that it seems harder and more difficult than it is in the end. It gives them a great feeling of achievement, how great is that? introduction to yoga from a avid fan

Jacomijn is a solo traveller and while not travelling she works as a police officer in The Netherlands. She writes about staying safe and healthy while travelling this beautiful world and shares her adventures from the different countries she visits. You can read more about her Yoga journeys here.

So I know a little bit more about yoga but I guess the real challenge is going to be actually trying it and what better place to try it than its birth place of India, so come back in a few months and see how I go on and if I got stuck in any strange positions.

I also have a guest post from a Yoga teacher about Yoga when travelling abroad

Originally posted in 2017 and updated in 2019

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