6 interesting places to visit in Rajasthan


6 interesting places to visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is in the Northwest Region of India. It is most famous for the Taj Mahal but there are plenty of other places to visit in this colourful region of India.

I first visited India as part of a pre cruise doing the famous Golden Triangle and i just fell in love with Beautiful India and I couldnt wait to explore more. There are a few different Rajasthan tour packages that offer things from Religion to Royalty to Foodie delights in Rajasthan region.

There are so many points of interest in Rajasthan. The has many temples and forts that can be visited and a lot of the places are often overlooked and people only concentrate on the three most popular which are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Here is a list of 6 interesting places to visit in Rajasthan which is perfect for any trip to India.


Delhi is a bustling city. I found it fascinating watching the locals go about their daily business. It is the capital of India and is the most popular landing destination for people wanting to explore the Rajasthan region. It seems to be the most famous for the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Red Fort. I however felt that once I saw one fort they all seemed to look the same. I was more interested in the people in India who I just found so facinating.

red fort stunning place to visit in Rajasthan


Agra is obviously the most famous for the Taj Mahal and no visit to Agra would be complete without a visit. I was surprised at how bare it was inside I didnt realise it was a tomb I always thought it was a castle or something.

It gets very hot in Agra in May with temperatures reaching the early 40s. I visited at the end of April and it was so hot I was so glad of the air conditioned coach we were on.

Again there is another fort and I actually found the Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah to be very impressive. I preferred it to the Taj Mahal as it wasn’t as busy and was just as beautiful. It is another Mughal Mausoleum and is sometimes called the Jewel Box

top rajasthan destination is the taj mahal in agra


Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan and is known as the pink city due to the pink/redstone buildings. The city Palace and the Hawa Mahal were pretty to look at and again there is yet another fort.

This city was very busy with vendor selling everything from ornament elephants to peacock feathers. This was also the place that I saw my first snake charmer and I was mesmerised.

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tourist places in Jaipur : hawa mahal


Pushkar is a pilgrim site for Hindus and Sikhs so there are many temples which make it quite an interesting place to visit. It is also famous for its annual Camel fair which spans over 7 days in October or November and attracts nearly 200,000 to the area.

The fair is where men trade their cattle and families sell handicrafts. It is said to be a very colourful affair with dances, competitions such as the longest moustache and tug of war games.

Pushkar lake visit rajasthan


Veranasi is thought of as the spiritual capital of India and this is where the Hindu pilgrims gather to bathe in the River Ganges. It is believed that this is where Buddhism was funded which is why it is a very holy city.

Varanasi is the spiritualist place in rajasthan


Orchha is on the Betwa River and is famous for the Raja Mahal. There are many places of interest here from Mughal Empire which was the second largest empire to have existed in the Indian Continent.

There are a number of beautiful temples that can be visited in Orchha and also the Orchha Fort.

Orchha fort interesting place to visit in rajasthan

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