5 tips on how to keep valuables safe while traveling

5 tips on how to keep valuables safe while traveling

Nothing is going to ruin your trip more than if you loose or get something stolen when travelling. As a solo traveller I tend to be more aware of my surroundings and don’t leave any items unattended. It is only going to take one second and one chancer and I could loose my valuables which would not only ruin my trip but also cost me financially.

Here are some of my top tips to keep your belongings safe when travelling : 

Use the in room safe

If I am staying in a hotel room one of the first things I check for is a safe and put my passport and money into it. However I have been to so many hotels that don’t have safes in the room or you have to leave things in the reception safe which I just don’t feel comfortable doing. So when I was asked to try a travel safe I jumped at the idea as it sounded great.

I loved it, it was so much lighter than I was expecting, I had the 5l and it was the perfect size for my laptop, camera, passport and purse. it is easy to use, just wrap the strap around something secure and lock the padlock and hey presto your belonging are a lot safer than keeping them out on the side. I am not sure if anyone has tried tampering with the Pacsafe whilst I have been travelling so I can not say for 100% how secure it is but even if it acts as a deterrent that is great by me.

This safe is manufactured by PacSafe who have a wide range of other security products I think I might get a anti theft backpack next. They also have over the shoulder bags, totes, hip bags and wheeled bags.

Don’t leave things unattended at the beach

One of the things I find hard is keeping my valuables safe when at the beach. If I want to go in the sea, what do I do with my money and phone?. In the past I have asked a family near me to keep an eye on my stuff but this could also have been chancy.

If you are going to be snorkeling or in the water for a long time it would be worthwhile getting a dry bag. This way you could keep all your valuables with you. I would still put my phone in a waterproof pouch though just to be extra careful.

Don’t leave your bags outside the toilet cubicle

So many times I have seen someone upset whilst travelling and they have told me their bag got stolen whilst they were on the toilet. They had left it outside the cubicle and I just don’t understand this.

Yes it is not the most hygienic of places but I wouldn’t dream of leaving my stuff unattended. If I am at the airport I will go to the toilet before I collect my suitcase from the carousel.

Don’t let your guard down

Some people are sneaky they pretend to be friends with you and when you let your guard down they steal your belongings. I know it sounds paranoid but I don’t trust anyone when I am travelling.

Even if I had been spending a lot of time with someone I still don’t really know them and they could be dodgy so I just don’t take the chance.

Don’t put all your money in one place

I have had the misfortune of having money stolen when I have been travelling and it makes you feel like shite as not only have you lost some money but it also gets you questioning who might have taken it.

I was stupid and I learnt from my mistake. I put my purse in my rucksack pocket that was not locked and it had to go in the hold on the plane and when I got my bag back the purse was there but it was empty. Luckily it wasn’t all my money so I was not penniless as this would have been a whole lot worse.

I tend to split my money into different pockets. Also a good tip is to take a money belt and keep most of your money actually on your body under your clothing as its not often anyone gets their hands there on me lol.

I actually have a neck money pouch which i have under my top but means I can pull it out to get to my money or passport without having to lift my top up. Also I find it a lot better when you are in hot sticky countries as it is not stuck to me like a money belt would be.


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