Cunard Disabled Cabins : How accessible is the Queen Mary 2

Cunard Disabled Cabins : How accessible is the Queen Mary 2

Please note : I have limited mobility due to medication I am on, I use no walking aids and the information I am providing is based on my own experience on the Queen Mary 2. Please see my disclaimers for more information.

On the Queen Mary 2, I found there were plenty of lifts and I didn’t have to wait too long to get in one. The best thing was they weren’t always full considering there were so many passengers. Obviously, at busier times such as dinner and after shows they could be slightly busier.

I noticed a small number of passengers had walking aids and a couple were in wheelchairs or scooters. I managed to speak to a few people who had mobility limitations and they commented that the facilities were excellent and there could get everywhere on the ship. Someone did comment that you could not get onto deck 13 if you were in a wheelchair but the lifts did go up to this deck so I am not sure if this is a problem as to be honest I never got the lift to this deck.

There was a hoist for the swimming pool in the pavilion on deck 12. Button operated doors to get into the pavilion deck on deck 12 however these were often faulty. During my 20 nights cruise, the buttons hardly worked and I often saw engineers trying to fix the problem.

pool hoist on queen mary 2

They have fully accessible cabins. I never got to see one but someone who was in one said it was very nice. For more information follow this link to their website. They have a contact number for any queries you may have and see if your wheelchair or scooter will fit into the cabins by giving them the measurements.

The crew are excellent and will offer any support and help that you need. I often saw the crew in the dining areas helping passengers carry their plates or drinks.
Like on all cruise lines there is a medical centre for any emergencies, although it does have a cost so be prepared and bring all your necessary medications and anything else you might require. I visited the medical centre and it looked very equipped.

The ship is big and can get tiring walking from one end to the other so I would plan what I wanted to do so I didn’t have to keep back tracking on myself. There are plenty of seating around the ship though so you can have a rest as lets face it when you are at sea there is no point in rushing around.

The excursion information stated what level of activity it would and they also had an excellent tours team that would help with any queries you had.

The theatre has designated seating for disabled and I noticed on a few occasions that these were not occupied and even on one occasion when someone was sitting in the seats they got up and moved when someone needier came along which was nice. I felt that the passengers are the ship were friendly and helped hold lift doors and I had a pleasant journey because of this but that, of course, is only my personal experience. One of the things I did like about the theatre because I like aisle seats as I get a bit claustrophobic and there were due to the layout so I always managed to find a seat that I felt comfortable in.

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Have you been on the Queen Mary 2, what was you opinion, get in touch I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I am not in a wheelchair I have other mobility limitations. However I did see and talk to people in wheelchairs and they said they were able to get around OK. It is a great ship and you should definitely go on if you get the chance.

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