My Little Sanctuary : A Hassle Free Garden

Designing a hassle free garden

I am currently a few months into my Chemotherapy treatment for secondary Breast cancer so my travelling abroad is put on hold. I have various trips arranged for the UK but one thing I am doing at the moment is designing my own piece of sanctuary in my garden.

I need it to be hassle free mainly because I am not allowed to do any high maintenance gardening at the moment due to risk of infection and pest issues will just make me freak. Unless they are beautiful butterflies or lady birds I dont want any other insects which I guess is gonna be hard since its their home. Also to be honest I can not seem to grow anything anyway. Every flowers or plant I touch suffers a quick death its like as soon as my fingers go near pretty flowers they decide to give up.

I follow the instructions I read tips online but nothing grows. I tried to grow some spring onions once they over took the old flower beds that we had but overtook them in some sort of alien way as they were not edible but decided to also kill everything else that was in the flower beds. Then I decided to buy some portable growing pots and tried to grow some carrots. I grew the most delicious 1 inch carrot but that was it.

I would love to have some green fingers and to be able to go out in the garden and get some tomatoes for breakfast and strawberries for lunch and if I had an even bigger garden some eggs from my pet chickens hopefully I would have more success with little feathered friends.

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I am currently designing this garden from my other beloved sanctuary, my bed. I had chemo a few days ago and it has hit me hard so I am practically bed ridden and to stop me from going insane I am designing what I would like my perfect garden to have in it. Hopefully when I am better I will be able to actually get a garden like this.

I am lucky as I currently have a blank canvas to work with. My garden is quite small just the right size for me and my mum who also doesn’t like or rather can’t garden. But it is big enough to get some nice things in to make it feel special. We had it paved a few years ago and have a outside storage box and an outside power source. So basically its all about getting the right sort of furniture to make it a nice space to spend my summer days and nights


One of the things I miss is the feeling of wet dew on grass on my bare feet. Grass is such a pain in the arse to keep we used to have a small rectangular piece of grass that we had to mow and if we forget would get all sorts of scary wildlife living in there. It needed watering in the summer months or it would dry out and die and in the winter it would go to slush and look just awful.

This time round I have decided to get a small section of artificial grass. When I think of AstroTurf it takes me back to my school days of playing hockey and falling over on the rough AstroTurf and getting scabs on my knees.

However it seems to have come along way in the last 20 years. I didn’t even know about it until a few weeks ago when a friend moved into a new house with her two toddlers and got some fake grass laid. I thought it was such a cool idea and now I want some of that.

I dont want too much as I like having a paved garden so just want a small section of artificial grass just big enough to put a towel down in the sun so I can do a bit of sunbathing. We have a south facing garden so get the sun for most of the day. There are even different types of grass some longer than others and different shades of green. I have decided to go for the Bordeaux type as to me this is the nicest length and also the most grass like green.

aritifcial grass

Summer House

I have been thinking of getting a summer house for some time. We live in a 2 bedroom house and i need somewhere I can escape to for a little office. Instead of expanding into the roof, I thought a cheaper option would be to get a summer house and turn it into a office.

It might be a little cold in the winter so I would need to think of the best way to heat my garden office. I did worry at first with it being wood, having a fire inside might be a bit of a fire hazard but there are a lot of specific types of heaters out on the market to reduce this risk.

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It would also be another place I could try my design skills out on with a desk and nice seating area and some pictures for the walls. It would have to have a travel themed wall art I would love a large map design.

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Potted Trees

I want plants that are going to be the least hassle as I really dont know what I am doing with them. I would choose some pretty pots with easy to keep flowers or plants to brighten up the garden. My neighbour bought me some plants the other week and already they are looking not so good. I have been watering them as the instruction says I just dont know what I do wrong.

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Or I might be even safer for going for the artificial plants and trees and that way there is even less for me to do in my garden. It is surprising what you can get now a days as years ago these used to look so fake but now they are really pretty and realistic.

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Pizza Oven

Now this is an absolute dream of mine so I am designing my perfect garden what better thing to add that my very own pizza oven. Yes I know you can make pizzas just as good in the conventional oven in the kitchen, but you can also cook meats just as good in the kitchen too and if everyone thought that then there would be no BBQs. There is just something special about cooking and eating outside.

To get my monies worth I am thinking I would need to have pizza at least twice a week this is OK with me. I would be able to experiment with healthier toppings as it would have more of a rustic taste rather than just piling it with cheese. Come on who would say no to a pizza party?

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We have always had a bench in our garden. Unfortunately the wooden/ steel one we currently have has rotted in the bad weather so the wooden slacks have broken so its a little dangerous to sit on so this is one of the first thing I need to purchase.

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I love the idea of memorial benches especially what you see at the seaside. I always say my dads favourite place was where ever me and my mum were so since its my piece of heaven I would like to get a memorial plate for my bench. It surprised me at how little these actually cost.

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Water Feature

I love water features, I find the sound of the running water so soothing. We already have one which is a large Buddha but there are so many different ones on the market. We have this one below and the ball moves and it lights up. It is really special to watch at dusk on summer nights and I have even sat in front of it and meditated. 

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Garden Wall Mural

We have a blank white wall facing out kitchen extension and we have talked abot getting a large mural painted on it. We would love a local artist to come and design us something. We want it bright and colourful, I love pigs and my mum loves hippos and we both love travelling so ideally we wanted a pig and a hippo on their holidays, sounds great doesn’t it if you think you could paint us something then please do get in touch. I live in Banksy’s home town and street art is very popular here so I am hoping one day to find a budding artist to paint this mural for us.

So there are all the things I want in my ideal garden. I think next chemo cycle I will design my perfect bedroom as lets face it I should have done this first since I am going to be spending a lot of my time in bed at the moment.

Have I missed something you think I need in my garden. I was going to go for a swimming pool but its just not big enough and a hot tub would be great but to be honest I am too lazy to fill it and keep it clean.

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