Giant Pool inflatables

Giant Pool Inflatables

Many people now have pools in their back gardens. I am so jealous I asked my mum if we could get one and she said no use a bucket. However I think I am pass the days when I could fit in a bucket so will have to wait until I go on my holiday to get in a swimming pool.

When I used to go on my one holiday a year I used to get a inflatable for playing in the pool but since I now tend to go away on my own I don’t want to look like the crazy girl on the inflatable duck but if I was with some mates it would be a laugh. We all like having fun in the pool especially when the sun is shining and we are with friends. There are some cool adult giant pool inflatables to have fun with here are my top picks of pool floats available. If you have one I would love to see a picture.

Now if you don’t have a pool but have a big enough garden here are some swimming pools you can get to cool off this summer.

And even in winter when the weather gets a bit cooler or rather freezing in the UK then you can still have fun but in a hot tub in your back yard. But if you cant fit a hot tub in your garden then check out these great cottages in the UK for hot tub holidays.

Giant Pool inflatables



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