Flying by the seat of my knickers : Book Review

Flying by the seat of my knickers : Book Review

About Flying by the seat of my knickers 

Why run from your troubles when you can fly instead?

When Caity Shaw is fired from her first job that doesn’t require an elf uniform, her older sister, Rachel, an event planner, hires her to work a meeting in Dublin. Caity jumps at the opportunity to travel abroad and escape her pathetic life. However, even four thousand miles from home, there’s no avoiding debt collectors, an overbearing mother, and haunting memories of a controlling ex.

While in Dublin, Caity suffers a series of humiliating mishaps, causing her to lose even more faith in herself. Caity struggles to earn Rachel’s respect—and to keep Declan, her hot Irish coworker, at arm’s length. Declan repeatedly saves Caity’s butt and helps boost her self-confidence, making it difficult to keep her distance from the charming womanizer. When Declan helps her research her Irish grandmother, Caity discovers the mysterious past of the courageous woman she barely knew might hold the answers to her future.

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My Thoughts on Flying by the seat of my knickers 

Any book with a title like this is going to be full of laughs. I really enjoyed this book reading about Caity running away from her troubles. Being from the USA starts working on a event which her sister is running in Dublin.

Then she find out she is actually from Irish decedents whilst trying to research her grandmas family she gets into a bit of bother as she is a little accident prone. It is a really funny book and had me chuckling away. 

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Author Bio –

Eliza Watson is a USA Today Bestselling Author. When Eliza isn’t traveling for her job as an event planner, or tracing her ancestry roots through Ireland, she’s at home working on her next novel, bouncing ideas off her husband, Mark, and her cats Frankie and Sammy. Learn more about Eliza’s books at

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