Feeling anxious for no reason


Feeling anxious for no reason

My anxiety is all over the place at the moment, I just wish I could feel good naturally. It is not a good time of the year for me as it has just been my dads birthday and it brings up memories of loosing him a few years ago.

Also I am at home and not travelling at the moment and this give me time to think more about all the shit I have been through over the last couple of years. I am starting to feel low and know I need to work through it quickly as I really don’t want to go into the dark place I was a few years ago.

I don’t normally talk about this side of me on here but need to as at the end of the day it affects my travels and also travelling is the way I recover from my anxiety so it is a big part of this blog. It is sometimes hard to be so personal especially online as I don’t know how it is going to be received. I however realise other people may be feeling anxious and not know why and are looking for support so I felt writing this article might help someone.

My mum has been ill with a nasty chest infection and I freaked out. The fact that she went grey and have difficulty breathing contributed to me starting to think the worse and I worked my self into such a panic. Bless her she was the one that was ill and then I started having a panic attack. Luckily she is much better now.

A few of my friends who I have met on my cancer journey have been diagnosed with secondary’s. This is my worse fear and it makes me so scared that I could be next. Which makes me more focused on making this blog a success and getting to see the world in case god forbid anything reoccurs. 

What is anxiety

So many people are now more open about suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. For years I thought I was the only person, but now especially in the media it is being spoken about more which in a way helps as it makes me realise I am not alone.

According to the NHS UK website Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe

These can vary from person to person and even episode to episode. Common symptom are feeling nauseous, dizziness, dry mouth, loss of concentration for me and I am sure there are more.

I am on medication from the GP and I am not afraid to admit it. Yes it helps and it doesn’t mean I am weak having to go on a antidepressant. it is a very low dose and I try to use other ways to help me deal with my anxiety.

Methods I use to cope with anxiety

In the past I have had acupuncture which was amazing and really helped. I think I might look into this again.

Mindfulness techniques and meditation helps relax me and I need to focus on this a little bit more at the moment.

Medication prescribed from my GP

Natural and over the counter medications

I use the rescue remedy range. One of my symptoms when I am having a panic attack is my mouth gets really dry so I cant swallow pills the spray helps also chewing the gum has helped and there are even some tasty pastilles and I carry these when I am travelling.


When I was looking at what other natural medications were available I came across these tablets for dogs that help with a nervous dog. I didn’t realise pets could also suffer from anxiety

Travel is the best form of recovery for me hence the name and aim of this travel blog. If you suffer from anxiety remember you are not the only one and their is support and help available. It might not feel like it at the time you are having a panic attack and when I do have one I try to think I have been to the other side of the world on my own I can get through this. Sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t.

If you have a remedy for helping with your anxiety then please let me know what you have found useful.

Support groups available

Speak to a GP they can help and will recommend support groups in your area.

I am a member of some cancer Facebook groups and they really help me. It is a place where I can ask questions and share my worries.

Useful links for more information and support for feeling anxious for no reason


Turn to Me Org

NHS UK website

Anxiety Coach

calm clinic

feeling anxious for no reason


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