Getting to know a travel blogger series – Escaping Life

Getting to know a travel blogger – Johann from Escaping Life

Johann is a travel blogger, a photographer, an inspired traveller, an aspiring mountaineer, a positive thinker and a minimalist. Escaping Life was started to inspire everyone to go out explore and experience a little bit of the world around us. A way to escape the monotonous life that we all lead sometimes. After a few years of traveling on holidays while working a 9-5, he quit his job and is now a full-time blogger. Johann took up writing and photography and a host of other hobbies that he now practices along with his blogging.

He is inspired by the world and all the different countries, places, lifestyles, people, food and culture. Due to his immense love for the mountains, He also aspires to be a mountaineer one day and climb some tall mountains especially the Everest.

“I always think positively and try to help spread more positiveness around myself and to others. Last but not least, I practice minimalism in my life and that itself is an adventure, to begin with.”

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Johann At the Everest Base Camp, travel guest post

1. What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

Blogging was my answer to document my travels through my writing and photography. I wanted to inspire others to travel the world just the way I did. I started blogging in Feb 2016 after a travel note I posted on my personal Facebook page went viral with my friends and family and so many of them appreciated and requested me to write down my experiences through a blog. This June it’ll be 1 year since I bought my domain and have been blogging continuously.

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johann On my way to Gorekshep, guest post feature

On my way to Gorekshep

2. Fav destination and why?

I have travelled to 8 countries over the past 4 years so far and my favourite has to be Nepal. Georgia comes in at a close second.

johann At the summit of Kalapatthar, guest post on travel blog

At the summit of Kalapatthar

3. Blogging tip

Blogging is a long and hard journey with its ups and downs just like anything else but I think if you really do it with all your heart then nothing else matters as long as you are doing what you love to do. Apply the same logic in whatever you do and you’ll do well and beyond expectations.

4. Your dream trip?

I’ve been longing to go to New Zealand for a while now and I hope sooner or later I get a chance to witness Middle Earth and its goodness. That will be a dream trip.

5. Pet peeve about travelling

People who take too many selfies are really annoying and there is nothing so irritating as those who go on taking them while traveling.

6. Favourite travel blogger

I have a long list of favourite travel bloggers but my most favourite is a fellow Indian, Shivya Nath who blogs at The Shooting Star 

Thank you Johann for letting me share this information on TravelToRecovery

getting to know a travel blogger series escaping life


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