Could you live without a bath?

Could you live without a bath?

I am seriously thinking about getting a new bathroom with walk in shower. It has been a few years now since I am confident enough to have a bath when I am in the house on my own as I sometimes have difficulties getting out due to limited arm strength. Even stepping into the bath to have a shower can sometimes be a struggle when my legs are deciding they are not going to work properly.

I love it when I travel and can just walk into a shower so I have been thinking about getting rid of my bath. I only have a small bathroom so do not have the space to have a bath and a separate shower. 

However saying that I am still in two minds as never being able to have a bath is a big step. I do like to have a nice bubble bath when I am aching. Plus one of the things I am doing at the moment is having a magnesium salt bath soak which is helping with my aches and pains so removing the bath completely will mean I could not do this. Although I guess I could choose hotels with baths if I really wanted one or pop round to a friends house. I can just imagine my best friend saying “you wanting a bath again” when I ring her doorbell.

enjoying a bubble bath

I do enjoy a bubble bath

Mobility Solutions has inspired me to get a wet room as the designs are now so modern and I have even read that they can add value to your house price. I used to think they looked very clinical as though it was a hospital bathroom but now they can look so stylish and the thought of making wash time easier is so tempting. They are also not as expensive as I thought. If you have some certain disabilities you could even get some financial support in getting adaptions made to your bathroom so this is well worth looking into.

wet room design

Love the look of this wet room

Saying that Wet rooms remind me of hospital bathrooms is actually one of the other reasons I am thinking about getting one. Due to my mum having a recent hospital stay the design of the bathroom in her room was so much easier to help her clean that I am thinking more longer term about if one of us gets even more reduced mobility then the wet room is going to be an advantage.

Benefits of having a wet room

There are so many benefits of having a wet room and the more research I am doing the more I am leaning towards getting one.

Easier to clean

No more having to reach over the bath to clean it which can be difficult if you have problems with bending.


Means even when I am having a bad day I could still wash unsupported and now I am not going to hurt myself trying to get out of a bath with a over shower.

Improves storage space

As I mentioned my bathroom is very small and I have limited storage space. The design of wet room can increase the amount of storage space I will have which means I can buy some more shower products. Only joking but more storage would be a plus

Can add luxury 

Some of the tiles and designs of the bathrooms are so luxurious I think it will make shower time that much more enjoyable.

Wet rooms are waterproof 

Now this might be pretty obvious with it being a bathroom but if you have a bathroom upstairs then they have added underfloor waterproofing so they will be no nasty leaks. My bathroom is downstairs and this has currently been a great things as I do tend to make a mess when I am having a wash and water goes everywhere. A wet room is designed so the water drains away so means I can splash about as much as I want.

So what do you think could you live without a bath? Have you recently had a wet room and wish you had done it years ago, get in touch as I would love to hear more.

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1 thought on “Could you live without a bath?”

  1. Our house has two bathrooms one with a bath and one with a shower I am fed up cleaning a bath that is never used. We took the bath out of my mums house and replaced it with a shower best thing we did. Now we are getting older 77 & 68 we would not trust being able to get out. We still walk nearly 100 miles a week but old age makes you stiff.
    Enjoying your cruise reviews we are off on our forth MSC cruise in October to South Africa.

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