Companies I use and recommend


Companies I use and recommend

I use a number of companies when I am booking my travels. I will only recommend a company that I have used or am likely to use in the future. The thing I look for when choosing a company to book with is value for money and quality of service / product.

I have used some companies in the past that have not been up to standard and I would therefore not share on this page as I dont want you to receive a bad service or product.

If I have missed off a company that you use when booking your trips then please let me know as if I haven’t used them I would like to give them a try.

I have used images to make it easier for you to see the companies that I use just click on the image and it will direct you to their website. 



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Hurtigruten Voyages

Flights and Transport

If booking a flight or other forms of transport such a buses or trains I tend to look for price comparison sites to get the best deal. I love and

On Kiwi you can literally put in which airport you want to leave from and leave the destination blank and it will give you all the flights and prices within your budget which I think is a great way to choose a trip when you dont really know where you want to go.

I have done this a few times when I want to go away but not sure where I want to travel to.

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Hotels and Accommodation

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Gift Companies

*Wine Country only available in Canada

Holiday Tour Operators

Thomson Holidays - Click Here

Travel Accessories