Getting through Chemotherapy Number 4: Cancer wont stop me travelling

Getting through Chemotherapy Number 4: Cancer wont stop me travelling

Before this chemotherapy I spent a few days in Prestatyn in Pontins with a friend. Now this is one place I will not be returning too, you can read why in my review which I will get up in a few days but let’s just say I have never seen anywhere so dirty I was worried about my health. I think I may have overdone it slightly though as I travelled back from Prestatyn and due to rail works I had to change train 3 times and get a bus which took 5.5 hours instead of 4.

I had an appointment with my oncologist for pre-chemo and they took my bloods. When I went for chemo on the Thursday they mentioned my white cells were higher than normal but my liver function was OK so they could see my body wasn’t trying to fight an infection. I mentioned about the stressful journey and how I had over done it at the weekend and they said that is likely the reason however they were not too concerned and chemo went ahead. Although this has made me slightly nervous about over doing it next month as I don’t want them to delay chemo, if my white cells are too high or even too low they can delay it for a week and I don’t want that as I want to get it over with.

Before Chemotherapy I attended a look good feel better workshop which is a charity run event at many hospitals across the UK. It provided skincare and make up advice for women going through or have gone through cancer. I will write a separate post on it but it was amazing to have help drawing on some eyebrows and i felt really nice afterwards shame it washed off.

Me after my Look good feel better session with make up on and eyebrows drawn on

Me after my Look good feel better session

During Chemotherapy I tried a new top designed by INGA Wellbeing and you can read my full review here. It is an expensive piece of clothing but designed really well if you visit hospital regular then this is perfect as it means the care tam can get to tubes and parts of your body without having to remove clothing. Its very dignified and stylish.

Comfortble clothes to wear during chemo me wearing the cross over top with the poppers undone on the sleeve to get access to my pic line

The poppers gave the nurse easy access to my pic line

I was dreading chemotherapy number 4 as I suffered quite badly with number 3 due to constipation a rash and general pains. This time round I kept on top of my constipation medication and have been lucky that I have not been that bad as I don’t think I could have gone through it again.

This time however it is going slightly the other way but not so much that it’s causing me a problem. I have the rash again which is on my face which makes it worse as I don’t want to go out in public as people can see it I probably won’t notice it as much as me but it is also quite sore. I am using sudacream and calamine lotion to cool my face it is helping but I look like a spotty teenager at the moment which along with having no eyebrows or eyelashes is knocking my confidence a lot. If anyone has any recommendations on how to get rid of this sore spots then please do get in touch I mentioned them to my oncologist and he said it was a result of the steroids but I have never had them like this until I changed the chemotherapy I was on.

I started to feel better around day 7 this time, last time it was day 10 so it is getting slightly better. I don’t know though if this is because I am pushing myself to get better and stronger as I have a concert to go to on Sunday and really want to be well as its Jessie J and I love her.

I have slight numbness in my fingers and toes but this only lasts a couple of days my oncologist has said that if it lasts longer they would have to stop chemo so I am praying it is ging to keep going after a few days as I only have two more to go and dont want anything to get on the way. I have been using moo moo cream with Gloves and socks at night and I think this has really helped. Also having 2 weekly reflexology is helping with all of my aches and pains

My mum has been brilliant this time around (like all the other times) I could not get through this without her even her just bringing me some Coco Pops in bed is greatly appreciated and I hope she knows how much I love her. I do shout at her but this is a mixture of being in pain and also the medication that I am on but I know she knows I don’t mean it – love you Mum!!!

Online Shopping

I keep shopping online its like a mini addiction I think of something I would like and then have a look on amazon or eBay and if I find it I end up buying it. The thing I keep buying is hats even though I have my favourite and probably only wear those I still can’t be short of hats. I had a bit of a scare just before this chemo I went away with a friend and I lost my hat. I put it on the side to wear when I was dressed packed my case and it had vanished. I unpacked my case and still could find it. Funny thing was the night before my friend had done the same with a pair of socks so I convinced myself that we had a sock and hat eating ghost in the chalet. Thank god, I had a spare hat with me there was no way I would have been able to travel home without a hat on. On my train journey home I bought a few more just in case but then I found my missing hat a few days later tangled up in a pillow case in my suitcase but now I have a new favourite hat so nothing lost (excuse the pun!!) as I can never have too many hats.

I saw another blogger post about 5D diamante cross stitch kits. Now I love cross stitch and I love anything sparkly so why had I not heard of these before. At the moment I can not do cross stitch due to not being able to feel the tips of my fingers I will keep pricking myself with the needle but this is a similar concept where you have a picture and it tells you where to put the coloured diamantes. The blogger says she does it as it was recommended by a therapist to get help with her hand numbness so I have ordered a couple can’t wait for them to arrive. Hopefully they will come in time for Chemo no.5 as it is so boring staying in bed for a few days.

I have been using old socks with the bottoms cut off to cover my picc line. But this time I did some more shopping and got some boot sock cuffs which are just the right size to cover my dressing. These look a lot nicer than my old socks.

Hired a Car

I have not driven for 7 years and I suddenly felt I was ready. I hired a car and drove from Bristol to Manchester to see a friend have a cup of tea and drove back. It felt amazing you can read more about my trip here. This is probably why I then suffered more from fatigue this time round as I have over stretched my self physically and mentally.

Penny Brohn

I attended Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol. This place is amazing I went for a two night course about Wellbeing. You can read my full review here. It was a great break. I have done this course before but when I got my secondary diagnosis they said I could attend again and I really needed to be in a place like this that offered emotional support and be with people who knew what I was going through.

It was a emotional couple of days but it got me back into the mindset of meditation and mindfulness which will hopefully get me through the next stages of this horrible cancer journey. I love how this centre is so relaxing and they now say I am part of the Penny Brohn family so I know I can contact them for further support and advice in fact I am going back in June for another retreat but on a different topic.

Unfortunately I needed to leave at lunchtime on the 3rd day as I was just too exhausted I could feel the fatigue sweeping over me and if I didnt leave early I was worried I would not make it home. Luckily I had got so much out of the course already and I felt as though I was not going to miss too much leaving early but another reason why I had this horrible disease as it takes over my life yet again.

Breast Cancer Care – Younger women with secondary event

I attended the Breast Cancer care younger women with secondary event which you can read more about here. This is a wonderful charity that offers support and advise to all women with a breast cancer diagnosis. I had a good time and did get a lot from the course which was in Bristol so I didnt have far to travel however I feel it was slightly too early for my to attend the event as I really haven’t got my head around having a incurable diagnosis and some of the girls were further along that me so it was a bit of a reality hit. Again it was emotionally draining and I was so fatigued I needed to leave a couple of hours early as I was finding it too much.

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