Bristol Food Tour : A delicious walking experience in the City of Bristol

Bristol Food Tour

The Eat walk talk is a Bristol food tour, that not only gives you an insight into local dishes but also the history of the city and the sights you will see along the way.

I was a bit wary when the guide said it was 5km but as we kept stopping along the way it didn’t feel we were walking that far and to be honest you need a bit of exercise to work off all the food you will be eating.

After 11 dishes we were truly stuffed but in a nice way. This was an excellent food tour in Bristol and I would highly recommend. I live in Bristol and had never been to most of these food establishments but now they are on my list of best places to eat in Bristol, UK.

Getting to know our Bristol Tour Guide

Brian Iles is the founder of the Eat Walk Talk tour and the tour guide with exceptional knowledge of Bristol considering it’s not his home town. He is originally from Wales but has lived in Bristol for 11 years; moving here after meeting his wife, a native Bristolian. He has also lived in London and Phoenix, Arizona. He is also a keen writer so check out his blog.

Brian has travelled around the world and always found food tours a great way to get to know a city, it’s history and culture. He is a passionate foodie, loves to cook and has worked in Retail and Food & Beverage most of his life so it was a natural extension to his passion for Bristol and its food culture. He has also been on lots of tours around the world including Sicily, Istanbul, Vancouver, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai and New York.

Brian is a keen traveller and when asked his favourite destination answered “That’s far too difficult because they are all so different but in Europe probably Stockholm and if I absolutely had to I’d say Sri Lanka.”

His favourite dish he has had whilst travelling was “An amazing hot pot in Chengdu, Szechuan Province, China. Rounded off an amazing day in the Panda sanctuary. Fantastic flavours and the freshest ingredients.” I too visited this area of China to visit the Panda sanctuary and I got to hold a panda which was amazing.

The Bristol Food Tour

Bristol is my home town but I am not actually aware of any food product that is just specific to Bristol, I could be wrong so if I am then please let me know as I would love to try it.

I know we have some great produce including sausages, honey, ciders and beer so was really looking forward to this food tour. I wasn’t disappointed, it was so much fun.

I learnt more about my home town and found food venues that I didn’t know existed. I have to admit that out of all the places we stopped at I was only aware of one of them, the rest seem to be hidden gems in Bristol but now I know where they are I will be visiting a lot more.

A little birdy told me today was going to be the hottest day in the last 55 years so off I went in my summer top, no cardigan, no rain coat and the heavens opened. But it was OK as long as food was involved I was going to enjoy this tour in Bristol no matter what.

Part of this tour is learning about this History of Bristol, as we were walking through Bristol, Brian pointed out interesting buildings and kept us entertained on the way to the next eatery.

I have been asked by Brian to not spoil the tour for others by giving away too many of the places so here are some pictures to tantalise your taste buds.

I am afraid if you want to find out more you will have to go on the tour yourself, you can book here or how about giving a tour voucher as a gift.

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

This is not just a food tasting tour in Bristol but also a great Bristol sightseeing tour where you will find out some really interesting facts about the places you are passing to get to the nest food joint so it makes it so much fun.

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

So without giving away too many of the secrets I just have to say that this tour will fill your bellies with a wide range of dishes including bacon sandwiches, gelato, fish and chips, cheese, buns and beer.

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

food on the bristol food tour

The best thing about this tour is the guide seeks out the best food in Bristol so what we had on our tour wont necessarily be what you get to eat on your Bristol food tour but what I can say is your going to enjoy the food as its about Bristol at its best. 

This tour went on abit longer than expected probably because it was full of bloggers who are always taking pictures but I think it is because we were enjoying it so much and didn’t want it to end. I actually want to do another tour as there is so much to still try in Bristol.

If you enjoyed this post on my Bristol food tour please do share and pin for others to see.

Have you done a Bristol food tour or found some tasty food I would love to hear it please comment below

Thank you to Brian from eatwalktalk for hosting this event for the Bristol Bloggers group we had a great time and hope to join one of your tours again in the future. Originally posted in 2017 and updated in 2019.

27 thoughts on “Bristol Food Tour : A delicious walking experience in the City of Bristol”

  1. I can’t believe we walked 5K! What an enjoyable outing and despite coming form Bristol I discovered so many new places. Well done for organising it Jenni.

  2. I can well imagine that bloggers halting too frequently to take pictures. 🙂
    Amazing kind of food tried by you.Good you dould discover the specialities of your cuisine through this tour.

  3. I would love to find out more about the dishes you had the chance to taste during the food tour. I have visited Bristol myself and I know a place or two which would be worth mentioning. Did you make it to the hot chilly seller, in the main market? I remember having a chilly chip there who’s hotness remained with me for half a day 🙂

  4. I have been to the chilli stall, it wasn’t included in this tour. I got some nuts that were supposed to be the hottest in the world I however was too much of a wimp to try them but the guys at my work did and as tears rolled down their cheeks im glad I didn’t lol

  5. My only criticism of this post is that you didn’t reveal the details of what you ate!! I guess, from the post, that your tour was full of bloggers, but surely you could tantalize people more. I know nothing about Bristol whatsoever, but I hope the tour took in some traditions and long-standing favourites of the place.

  6. Were there enough veg options :D? I can quite imagine how much fun it would have been with all the bloggers. It is interesting how much you can learn from each other.

  7. You can let him know before the tour and he will do veg options but no one was vegetarian on our tour so Im not sure to be honest.

  8. We were asked by the tour guide to not reveal what we had as he wants it to be a surprise so im afraid if you want to find out you will need to go on the tour

  9. I have a big sweet tooth and that picture of the sweeties in the glass is what I’d want to hit up first 😉 food tours are always an interesting way to see places from the stomach’s perspective 😛

  10. I have just been on my first food walking tour and loved it.I look forward to more of these.This Bristol one looks good will defo bookmark it for future travels.

  11. We visited Bristol last year and were fascinated by the bustling town side, harbour and the tranquil surroundings of Henbury but we did not know that there was so much to explore on a food tour. We know we missed a lot from your tempting pictures 🙂

  12. I love to see food and taste them but I am not a great foodie . However, I would love to go on food tours and see the doifferent kinds of food or even learn to make them. I know some food tours organise classes as well.

  13. Oh, this all looks so tasty! It’s nice that you were able to discover more things related to Bristol, even with it being your hometown! Now I just want to go to Bristol and eat everything! LOL

  14. Too fun to play tourist in your own town _ especially if food is involved! I would love to do one in my own city 🙂

  15. I think it is good that this tour is 5km long. Gives you a chance to work off the food. Which I would definitely need as all the food looks delicious and I likely would have eaten way too much. What a great way to learn more about Bristol.

  16. This all looks so delicious! I loved Bristol. I went last year when the Shaun the Sheep trail was on and did pass some of these lovely food stops! The fish n chips do look tasty and the piece of fish not too big!

  17. As a foodie, it is shocking that I have never been on a food walking tour! I really would want to do this with friends or my hubby and just eat eat eat! I have also never been to Bristol even though I have been close by on many occasions.

  18. I need an empty stomach to enjoy this food tour! OMG this is definitely fun – my stomach is full and also my camera 😀

  19. Every time I visit a new place, especially in a foreign country, food tours are one of the first things that I research. They’re such a great and unique way to discover the place! I wouldn’t expect something like this in Bristol, but it actually sounds like a great experience!

  20. Food tours are always my favorite! In particular, I love those that are the walking tours so that I could compensate the food a little.
    I’d love to visit Bristol. From your review, it seems that the food is amazing and I am sure there’s a lot of other things to do in the city.

  21. I love going on Food tours and the last one I did in Brooklyn, NYC and just loved it! I believe the best way to explore any city is through its food culture!

  22. Ah, those fish n chips, how much I love them.
    I enjoy taking such food tours with local guides as it gives me a chance to taste the real food of a place.
    I have been on a couple of such tours in Thailand so I can imagine your excitement on this your you went. Would love to know the names of a couple of the dishes shown in your pictures.

  23. That ice cream looks deeeelish! 😀 Desserts are always enough to get my mouth watering! looks like this is a food lover’s dream!

  24. I just checked EatWalkTalk’s website and found the tour price to be quite reasonable 🙂 Sounds like a great activity to do when I visit Bristol next time. I don’t know what the pie in your photo was but it certainly looked tempting to me haha

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