Book review / Recommendation

When I travel I take my Kindle to pass the time at the airport but it is also my trusty friend when I am travelling solo. I read my book when I am in restaurants and it gives me more confidence to eating alone.

I like booked that are easy going as it is my way of escaping plus when travelling there is also so much going on around me that it is hard to concentrate on anything too complex.

I also love listening to Audio books and will often play one when I am in a hotel on my own as it is like someone reading me a story to send me to sleep.

I am a big fan of horror and physiological thriller but tend to read these more at home otherwise I scare myself too much and I already have an over active imagination.

If you have read a good book and would either like to recommend it to me or write a review please get in contact If you would like to send me your book to review also I would love to hear from you.