Beach Ready Packing Tips


Beach Ready Packing Tips

When most people travel, they like to spend time relaxing on the beach. There is nothing quite like lying on the sand or swimming in the sea. It is a great way to relax and blow away the cobwebs. For most people, a day by the sea or near a lake is irresistible. So, when you pack you want to make sure that you pack what you need to be beach ready.

The right swimwear

Top of your list has to be swimwear. It needs to look good, fit well and provide you with enough freedom of movement for you to be able to enjoy the activities you like. Stores like Simply Be sell a really good selection of swimwear in sizes 30 to 46 and cup sizes B to K perfect for any plus size traveller.

So, it is easy for everyone to find the right one-piece, bikini, tankini or swimming dress. It is also worth investing in a micro towel. Just be sure to buy one that is big enough for you to lie on. I personally love a swimming dress means I can lie on the beach and feel comfortable that all my wobbly bits are covered and then go and swim and best of all snorkel which I just love doing.

pack a bikini

Wish I could say this was me but I would not be wearing a bikini on the beach… would you?

Protection from the sun and insects

As a cancer patient I can not stress how important wearing a high factor is. Also as a redhead who can burn easily if I dont apply the right cream. I am also pretty tasty as insects love having a feast on me when I am traveling,

When sitting or playing by the sea, it is particularly important to protect yourself from the sun. When you are down by the water, it is far easier to get burnt. A cooling sea breeze means you rarely realize how hot it is and therefore how strong the sun is. Plus, more of the sun´s rays are reflected back at you when you are near water.

You need to be especially careful about sun protection. Be sure to pack a hat with a wide brim, good-quality sunglasses, and suntan lotion. Also, don´t forget the insect repellent.

pack suncream for the beach

Please do be careful and protect yourself in the sun

Some lightweight clothing

It is also worth taking some lightweight leggings and a sarong or wrap with you. These can be used to add an extra layer of protection if you feel you have gotten too much sun. Plus, you can slip into them when it is time to eat, so you can eat in virtually any restaurant you want. I have a extra long scarf that has so many uses.

In many countries, wearing swimwear when you are not actually on the beach is no longer permitted or is frowned upon. So, be sure to respect the law or customs and cover up for your walk to and from the beach.

pack a sarong for the beach

A sarong or scarf has so many uses

Suitable footwear

Finding the best travel shoes is so important and I definitely go for sensible footwear rather than fashion. Try to choose something that is comfortable enough for you to wear when walking to the beach. If your feet tend to burn easily consider packing something that covers the entire foot while still letting it breathe. Water shoes can be a good option, but bear in mind that the soles are likely to be extremely thin.

A simple first aid kit

I must admit I always forget my first aid items and end up having to find a chemist as you can guarantee that I will need something on my trip. Packing items like plasters, antiseptic cream and something to put on stings is always a good idea. The quicker you treat any cuts or grazes the lower the risk of infection will be. This short article explains what you need to consider packing.

first aid kit is a must for camping

Where to go for the perfect beach break

If you are looking for the perfect beach vacation, Tanto Far Beach Resort, India is well worth taking a look at. It is located near the Chennai border, so is a great place to stay if you want to explore two of India´s most beautiful areas. Just click here and read Neo Travelers´ guest post about this resort to find out more.

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