Be Nice – It Takes Less Effort


Be Nice – It Takes Less Effort

Lately I personally feel I am on a short fuse and want to rip everyone’s head off but I haven’t as I am not that type of person but I have seen a lot of hostility whilst out and about at the moment. Maybe it is because the UK is going through a mini heatwave and people get angry when they are hot and bothered but when I see some poor shop assistant getting shouted at over something trivia it makes me feel so sad. People need to be nice we are all hot so dont take it out on others.

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In work and daily life, there are going to be people you meet that annoy you, it’s a given, even the most high-spirited, friendly individuals, can’t be expected to love and enjoy everyone’s company. Personalities and interests differ, and tolerances can only run for so long, however, that isn’t an excuse to be short, show attitude or generally be dismissive of an individual. If you truly cannot tolerate someone’s company, the best thing to do is walk away, take a break or introduce someone else into the conversation so to expand the chat beyond one-on-one. I know I said I am not the sort to take my mood out on others this wasn’t true before I got cancer, it has changed my outlook and also my attitudes to others.

First impressions have always been considered an important aspect of networking and socialising however, after making a positive first impression, if you go on to show a continuous dark or aggressive attitude, any benefit gained will be quickly lost. That’s why more emphasis should be applied to being nice when meeting and talking to people, it requires little effort to smile and even less effort to brush off the things that bother you.

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Not too often anymore do we know hear “if you’ve not got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” – yet they are words we should all live by. Unless someone is threatening your life, safety or wellbeing, there is absolutely no reason not to!

The Feeling of Happiness

When we smile, our brain releases positive, feel-good neurotransmitters known as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin.
Endorphins or “happy hormones” are produced naturally as a reaction to the pain stimulus in the body however, they also are known for creating a feeling of euphoria or intense happiness.

Dopamine is responsible for a fair amount in our bodies, although is commonly recognised as the “reward hormone”, naturally produced in response to external stimuli such as your favourite food or song or participating in a fun activity with the family. Although more sinisterly, dopamine spikes with drug use, from caffeine and nicotine to harder drugs.
Serotonin is a “mood hormone”, although found across the body, from your blood to your digestive system and throughout your central nervous system. Depletion or low levels of serotonin can lead to mood disorders including depression and anxiety.

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Together, these hormones help flush our body with feelings of happiness and – even better – you don’t already need to be happy to feel the benefit of this release. Research has also shown that people find smiling attractive and would rather interact with someone that is smiling over individuals that looked indifferent or grumpy. Not only that, but smiling is infectious, even if you are having a bad day, a genuine smile will make your brain feel rewarded and you can’t help but smile in return (unless you really try not too! See for yourself, next time you are out in public)

Treat Others Well and You Yourself, Will Be Treated Well

There are a few variations of this particular quote, possibly the most famous from the bible – “Do to others as you would have them do to you” and you’ll find plenty of self-development blogs that drive this point home. While nothing is ever a certainty, treating those around you in a kind and well-meaning manner, you’ll soon find people treat you with a similar manner of respect and caring.


Additionally, if you’ve ever been angry at someone, you’ll notice over time, your anger dissipates. While you may suffer the occasional flair-up of temper when you are reminded of them or their actions. It takes more effort to hold onto this contempt and bad energy than to let it go and move on with your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to offer forgiveness or even associate with that individual, but the act of letting go can instantly make you feel better and happier.

Is there something bothering you in your life? Are you holding on to unnecessary anger? Do your brain and body a favour and let it go. Whether you need to shout into a pillow, go for a run or have a crazy dancing session – whatever helps you release the negative feelings and indulge in those feel-good hormones. Chase the natural high of happiness and make sure to smile more every day.

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