10 ways to cope with anxiety whilst travelling

Ways to cope with anxiety whilst travelling

What better way to overcome one fear than being the most petrified you can be? There were various methods I used to overcome my anxiety, but to be honest the most important was being diagnosed with cancer. This made me think I was going to die and never see all the amazing places in the world. (A bit grim but its the truth)

I used to be scared of travelling, at one point I developed agoraphobia and didn’t even leave the house for 3 months. I overcome this and started travelling the world for my planned year of amazing sightseeing to then get the devastating news I was poorly again.

  • Now treatment has finished and I’m travelling the world and enjoying every moment of it (well most of the time)
  • My irrational thoughts meant I didn’t like being far from home in case something went wrong.

I needed to retrain my brain to think I was going to be safe, I did this by taking the plunge and booked a trip to NYC on my own.

Factors that made this a little easier; I went first class. The thought of not being crammed on flight relieved my anxiety greatly. Also the free champagne helped! I got some medication from my GP, just having it with me reduced my anxiety. I didn’t even take it Now when I get a bit anxious I can think back and say to myself “I went to NYC on my own I can go anywhere” I’ve now been all over UK, Europe, China, Thailand and USA and have so much more planned, I still get bad days, days when I think I can’t do that trip.

My coping mechanisms are

  1. Be in control – I choose where and when im going somewhere, what I’m going to be doing and most of the time who with
  2. Be organised – I like to know everything such as durations of travel, order of places, times I need to be places etc
  3. Arrive early – being in a rush can cause my anxieties to rise
  4. I book early morning flights so I don’t dwell on it all day
  5. I travel at off peak times to avoid crowds. Avoiding the commuters who push and shove as they are trying to get to work can make all the difference
  6. Pay for extra leg room, first class if prices not too huge. Especially on trains the difference can be so stress-free. Priority passes stop me getting so anxious as it means I have a quieter place to escape to whilst I am waiting for my flight.
  7. Look for a way out. Knowing your exits means you can get out of situations quickly if you start to feel panicky
  8. Make sure I have water to keep my mouth refreshed
  9. Have snacks if I’m hungry I start to feel sick which can make me panic even more
  10. Most of all enjoy your travels the world is big and there is so much to see

travelling with anxiety

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