Bucket list

Here is my bucket list, Now I love lists, I write lists for packing, destinations, what I’m going to do, shopping etc. but I tend to then loose list at the crucial moment I need it.

My bucket list is one list I will not loose, its my dreams, hopes and wishes.

It is forever growing, I tick something off and then add 3 more things in its place. The world is such a big place and I’m finding out new things about it everyday. Even more so now that I’m a travel blogger as I follow other bloggers and they share their amazing experiences I think I want to go there…. do that… and there you go another thing added to the list.

This is in no particular apart from No.1 which is my ultimate wish.

  1. Swim with pig in the Bahamas
  2. See elephant in their natural habitat (did this in Thailand)
  3. Jump out of a plane through a cloud (Now I know its not going to fluffy but I imagine it to be like cotton wool)
  4. Swim with penguins (OK this might be a bit cold but I have seen others do it)
  5. New York at Christmas (snowy, cold but wonderful)
  6. Go around the world (either by cruise or overland)
  7. Northern lights in Iceland (really not what I expected but a truly magical experience)
  8. Hold a panda (never even thought about this until I planned a trip to China and my friend wanted to do it and then I was determined I was going to aswell)
  9. Walk on great wall of china
  10. Safari with stay @ Giraffe Hotel
  11. Antarctica
  12. Go on a private jet
  13. Learn Spanish
  14. Iguazu falls
  15. Hold a Koala
  16. Hold a sloth (see there’s a theme here)
  17. Victoria Falls
  18. Angel Falls (another theme!!)
  19. Go in helicopter (Did this over the Grand Canyon – Amazing)
  20. Caribbean cruise (Sun, sea, sand and beer – Brilliant)
  21. Amazon rainforest
  22. See whales in wild (On cruise on the way to Caribbean but I really want to see again)
  23. See a hippo in the wild (although I might be running in the opposite direction)
  24. Snorkel (In Barbados with turtles – so cute!!)
  25. See pink beaches
  26. Turkmenistan door to hell
  27. Write a novel (I’ve got a few on the go might get one finished one day)
  28. St Petersburg Church of the Spilled blood
  29. Whitsunday Islands
  30. Camper van around Oz (not driven for a few years though so might need another lesson)
  31. Fiji
  32. South America
  33. See the big 5
  34. Go camping (I am 34 and never slept in a tent unless it was in my firneds garden when I was a kid)
  35. Overnight on a train